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Bruce Franks Jr Bio – Wiki

Bruce Franks Jr. is an American politician and community activist. He served in the Missouri House of Representatives representing the 78th District and serves as the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Police/Community Relations before resigning in 2019.

But Franks resigned from the Missouri House of Representatives in 2019 for mental issues.


His age is unclear.


Franks attended schools in the Lindbergh School District in Saint Louis County, Missouri as part of a voluntary desegregation program.

Early Life

Franks performed as a rapper under the name of Ooops!. In 2004, Franks struck by a stray bullet in his knee. Franks was a notable member of the Saint Louis branch of the civil rights movement Black Lives Matter and was involved in numerous protests against police brutality, racism, and inequality. In March 2015, Franks started the organization 28 to Life, an urban employment charity that helped match black youths with jobs.

Political Career

In a highly publicized legal dispute, Franks contested the results of the August 2nd Democratic primary, in which Democratic candidate Penny Hubbard was victorious. Franks argued before a judge that there were irregularities in the casting of absentee ballots. Circuit Judge Rex Burlison agreed with Franks and ordered a second election, in which Franks was victorious.

Franks works in St. Louis Agency on Training and Employment (SLATE), a teen mentoring program for underprivileged youths.

Franks was among seven arrested during a November 24, 2017, Black Friday protest at The Saint Louis Galleria. The protest was part of a 2017 economic boycott of Saint Louis businesses as a reaction to the acquittal of Jason Stockley.

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BET Network listed Representative Franks as one of the “Great 28” a list of civil rights activists who are described as “Shaking up the world and the way we see things. Redefining what’s possible. Forging their own path rather than conforming to the system.” He resigned in 2019 due to mental health concerns.

NARAL Missouri gives Representative Franks a ranking of 89% on their 2017 legislative scorecard. Representative Franks has sponsored two bills relating to criminal justice reform: HB 1581, which allows for the incarceration of individuals who fail to pay child support, and HB 1579, relating to good time credit for prisoners.

He has introduced legislation to allow convicted felons to be able to vote. Representative Franks is a supporter of Medical cannabis, introducing legislation to allow patients to have access to cannabis as part of their treatment.

Wife & Children

Dana Kelly-Franks was his ex-wife. Franks has five children and two stepsons.

Franks Resigned From the Missouri House of Representatives

According to St. Louis Today, Bruce Franks Jr announced his pending resignation in May 2019, then in July, he announced that his last day as a state representative would be July 31.

He posted the news to Facebook, writing, “I love my city, but I can’t heal from trauma and survive in the epicenter any longer. I’m not running away from it I’m choosing to change my environment to be the best version of me. I’m making a selfish decision and it feels great. If I don’t make this move, St Louis is going to kill me.”

Net Worth

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