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Janiyah Davis Bio – Wiki

Janiyah Davis and her mother, Stephanie Davis, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, will be two of the guests of President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump at the president’s third State of the Union address on Tuesday, 4 February 2020, the White House says.

She is a fourth-grade student and Stephanie Davis is a single mother, according to the White House. They are at the speech as representatives of Trump’s support of school choice.

Janiyah Davis Bio Abd Her Mother Stephanie Davis Meet President Trump

Janiyah Davis and her mom join President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump tonight 4 February for the President’s third State of the Union.

The White House said in a statement that Janiyah, “loves art and math, but for too long she has been assigned to low-performing schools.” The Trump administration adds, “Her mom, Stephanie, is a hardworking single mother who tried to apply for a tax credit scholarship. But due to Pennsylvania’s governor recently vetoing school choice legislation, Janiyah remained among the estimated 50,000 students on a waitlist.”

The White House Statement

According to the White House, President Trump invited Janiyah and Stephanie Davis to the State of the Union speech as his guests as representatives of those in Pennsylvania, and around the country, who they believe have been negatively affected by Democratic opposition to school choice legislation.

In Janiyah’s home state, Governor Tom Wolf vetoed a Republican-led law that would have increased the state’s funding for its Educational Improvement Tax Credit from $110 million to $210 million, according to the Philly Voice. The program gives tax credits to people and businesses who make gifts to scholarships for private and parochial schools, and other non-public schools that qualify.

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The bill put forward by Republican House Speaker Mike Turzai, who said the tax credit program wouldn’t negatively impact schools. “The notion that we are neglecting our public schools is disingenuous,” Turzai told Philly Voice. “Rather, we have increased investments in public education K-12 to record levels. What we have neglected to provide is adequate support for those families who are looking for an alternative choice. We are unique in this country in living up to our obligation to provide a great public school system, as well as a robust school choice program. These are complementary, not contradictory, goals.”

Wolf told the news site, “Why would the Commonwealth allow for the expansion of the Education Investment Tax Credit that supports private institutions while our current public-school system remains underfunded? We have public schools that are structurally deteriorating, contaminated by lead, and staffed by teachers who are not appropriately paid and overstretched in their responsibilities. Tackling these challenges, and others should be our collective priority.”

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