Who is Jeff Palm? Bio, Age, Wiki, Sarah Cooper’s Husband, Children, Career, Net Worth

Jeff Palm Bio – Wiki

Jeff Palm is the Husband of Sarah Cooper. Cooper is an American author and comedian based in New York City. Her first book, 100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings, published on October 4, 2016.

Sarah Anne Cooper and Jeffrey de Blanc Palm married in 2015 at the Manhattan Marriage Bureau by Angel L. Lopez of the New York City Clerk’s office. On Feb. 7, Pastor Cory Casterton, who was ordained through the Elim Fellowship in Lima, N.Y., led another ceremony on the beach at La Concha Resort in San Juan, P.R.


He is 42 years old.

Sarah Cooper Biography

Sarah Cooper is a writer and comedian whose short videos of herself lip-synching to the words of President Donald Trump consistently go viral. But it’s more than lip-synching. The stripped-down, meticulous attention to Trump’s verbal nuances and his off-the-cuff statements, while he speaks at press conferences or in interviews, are re-packaged by Cooper, and it’s hitting a nerve with millions of people.

She was born in 1977. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Cooper began uploading videos of herself lip-synching statements made by Donald Trump.

Sarah Reveals Trump Insights

Comedian Sarah Cooper says her TikTok videos have allowed her to get inside the president’s head.

The writer and actress, famous for her short videos where she lip-syncs to excerpts of Donald Trump’s speeches, interviews and press briefings, has learned what the man in charge enjoys or hates talking about.

“Any time he had to talk about grief or loss of life, he stumbled. He’s not comfortable with empathy,” the TikTok star said in an interview with Vanity Fair. “She said he’s not comfortable with grief. He’s not comfortable with anything that makes him feel bad or look bad.”

The New York resident, who has amassed 1.9 million Twitter followers including Jerry Seinfeld, Henry Winkler, Trevor Noah, Ava DuVernay and more, told the outlet that her viewers include a mix of people. There are people who aren’t the 45th president’s biggest fans, but then there are also those who fervidly support the reality TV-star turned president of the United States, possibly including Trump himself, Cooper suspects.

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While it seems the comedian mocks almost all of the president’s speeches and interview, from his claims of acing a cognitive test to his priorities for a second term, she revealed that she holds back on others. Cooper said she draws the line at the president’s harsh words, noting that she would never lip-sync or parody comments that to her seem “just evil.”

“He messed up several words at a Memorial Day speech and people were like, ‘You should do that!’ But no. It’s still a sacred day,” she told Vanity Fair.

Cooper said while quarantine boredom and lip-syncs shot her up to TikTok fame, she’s ultimately looking forward to creating her own material. She told the magazine that she’s working on a show about “an overly confident boss who ‘fucks up all over the place and still somehow fails up.'”

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