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Jennifer Dulos Bio – Wiki

Jennifer Dulos went missing on May 29, 2019, from New Canaan, Connecticut. As part of their Nine at Nine series, the ID channel is airing Vanished in New Canaan: An ID Mystery to further investigate Dulos’ disappearance. Her real name is Jennifer Farber Dulos.

The show will detail everything known about Dulos’s disappearance including information on her relationship with her estranged husband Fotis.


She was born on September 27, 1968. When she was disappeared, she was 50 years old.


Dulos was last seen on May 29, 2019, when she was dropping her children off at school. She had a doctor’s appointment scheduled for later in the day in New York City, but she did not show up.

That same night, police found blood, which they later discovered belonged to Jennifer, in the garage of her New Canaan home. Police also found evidence of Jennifer being the victim of a serious assault. That same evening, Fotis Dulos and his girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, were captured on video dumping garbage bags, which contained Jennifer’s blood, in 30 trash bins in Hartford, Connecticut.

Jennifer’s car was later found near Waveny Park in New Canaan.

At the time Jennifer went missing, she and her husband were estranged and engaged in a tumultuous divorce. They were also involved in contentious child-custody proceedings. The couple’s children are living with Jennifer’s mother, Gloria Farber, to whom a judge granted temporary custody.

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Fotis Dulos hired attorney Norm Pattis to represent him. In an interview, Pattis appeared convinced that Jennifer was dead prior to being hired to represent Fotis. Jennifer’s case is still classified as a “missing person” one.

When police responded to her friends reported her missing, they found blood in the garage of her home and recovered other evidence. Her ex-husband has since been charged with her murder. went missing on May 29, 2019, from New Canaan, Connecticut. As part of their Nine at Nine series, the ID channel is airing Vanished in New Canaan: An ID Mystery to further investigate Dulos’ disappearance.

Husband and Children

She married to Fotis Dulos in 2004. At the time of her disappearance, Dulos had five children, and they have since been reported to be “healthy and well” according to a family statement.

Around Thanksgiving in 2019, the family released a statement regarding the disappearance.

“We give thanks that Jennifer’s children are healthy and well. We give thanks that they share their mother’s deep sense of empathy and curiosity about the world around them,” the statement read. “And, as ever, we are deeply thankful to the New Canaan and Connecticut State Police for their ongoing efforts to solve this case and bring those responsible to justice.”

Fotis Dulos Charged

Dulos’s ex-husband, Fotis Dulos, was charged in connection with her murder in early 2020 but was released on a $6 million bond soon after.

Dulos’s girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, was charged with conspiracy to commit murder. She was also released but taken to a hospital for medical treatment.

According to ABC News, authorities allege that “Jennifer Dulos was killed at her home on May 24, 2019, between 8:05 a.m . and 10:25 a.m.” They believe she was bound with zip ties and put inside her own car.

Fotis Dulos Suicide

Fotis Dulos was found unresponsive on January 28, 2020, at his home in Farmington, Connecticut, after intentionally poisoning himself with carbon monoxide by running a tube from the exhaust pipe of his SUV into the interior of the car while it was parked in the garage. Initially, it was reported by some news outlets that Dulos had been found dead, but responders had performed CPR and restored a faint pulse. They transported him by ambulance to UConn Medical Center, and he was then airlifted to Jacobi Medical Center to undergo hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Dulos was pronounced dead at Jacobi Medical Center on January 30, 2020. He was 52 years old.

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