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Mike Owens Bio – Wiki

Mike Owens is the husband of Lyda Krewson, who is the current mayor of St. Louis, Missouri. Krewson made history when she became the first woman elected to the position in April 2017.

Krewson, a Democrat, is facing a severe backlash after releasing the names and addresses of protesters who wrote letters encouraging her to defund the police department. She apologized and insisted she had never intended to “harm anyone or cause distress.” But many constituents are calling on Krewson to step down. Hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside of her home on June 28 to demand her resignation and an online petition has garnered more than 45,000 signatures.

Owens often shows support for his wife on social media and refers to himself as the “First Dude” in his Twitter bio. He frequently shares Krewson’s tweets including recent messages related to protests and the coronavirus. But as of this writing, Owens has kept quiet on Twitter in regards to the controversy over Krewson’s “doxing” of activists.


His age is unclear.

Mike Owens Career

Owens spent the majority of his professional career as a broadcast news reporter in his hometown of St. Louis. He graduated from Bishop DuBourg High School, according to his Facebook page, before attending the University of Missouri-St. Louis. His next stop was a job at the local KMOX radio.

Owens switched to television after he was offered a job at the NBC affiliate KSDK-TV in 1983. He stayed at the TV station for 27 years and earned a reputation for being a tough reporter. The St. Louis Journalism Review described Owens in 2004 as someone who had “never been the most popular fellow in town–which only means he’s doing his job.” The outlet added that Owens’ “aggressive approach to journalism is, in part, what frightens his detractors the most. If he were inept and easily manipulated, perhaps no one would bother to worry about his personal life.”

Owens’ personal life became a talked-about issue after he married Krewson in 1998. Owens was accused of trying to assist his wife’s political career through his reporting. The River Front Times reported in 2001 that Owens wrote two articles that critics believed were favorable toward the police union.

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Owens denied a conflict of interest and pointed out that his reporting also included articles that had been critical of the police union. When the topic came up again in 2004, Krewson commented to the St. Louis Journalism Review that she didn’t think her political career and Owens’ job as a reporter presented a problem. “Andrea Mitchell [of NBC] is married to Alan Greenspan, for God’s sake. Mike Owens and Lyda Krewson are such small bit players that I just don’t worry about it.”

While working as a reporter, Owens decided to go back to school in the 1990s to pursue a law degree. He graduated from St. Louis University in 1999.

But as he explained to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Owens had to put a potential legal career on hold because he failed the bar exam three times. About a decade later, Owens decided to give the test another go after using vacation days, sick time, and a two-week furlough to study. He finally passed the test in 2009 and formally admitted to the Missouri Bar in September 2009.

Owens And Krewson Married

Lyda Krewson was married to her first husband, Jeff Krewson, for seven years until his death on March 23, 1995. Jeff Krewson was shot during an attempted carjacking and robbery in front of the family’s house. Lyda and their two children, who were 5 and 2 at the time, were also in the car. The family had just returned home from a shopping trip.

Jeff Krewson was shot in the neck as he tried to drive away from two attackers, later identified as James Wade, 21, and Kevin Mullins, 18. According to the Associated Press, police apprehended the two men minutes after the shooting. Wade pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison without parole. Mullins was charged with second-degree murder.

Lyda Krewson married Owens in 1998 and he took on the role of stepfather to her children Taylor and Jack. On Facebook and in interviews, Owens has referred to Taylor and Jack as his own children.

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