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Tammy Peterson Bio – Wiki

Tammy Peterson is a Canadian Psychologist from Toronto, Canada. Additionally, She was born on 3 June 1965 in Toronto, Canada. Her husband’s name is Jordan Peterson (Clinical Psychologist). Currently, Ms. Peterson contributes to his research. Somehow, Jordan creates videos related to marriage.


No clue of her family members is available.


She went to High School in Toronto. Tammy has graduated from the University of Alberta.


Peterson began her career as a massage therapist but after getting married to Jordan, she started working as his advisor. When she was around 30, Peterson chose to become a foster parent because of her love for kids–she has been foster parenting for more than twenty years. Usually, she adopts kids from orphanages who don’t have a permanent home. According to Peterson, she became a foster parent in an attempt to provide children with a home and a family.

Jordan Peterson Bio, Age, Wiki, Health Update, Wife, Children, Net Worth


In one of her interviews, she said everyone should have a permanent home as it provides an opportunity to go back to a place (home) even if they get into trouble by messing up their lives.

Jordan Peterson Health

Jordan, 57, started taking the addictive remedy to take care of stress from his spouse’s battle with most cancers and different well-being issues earlier this yr. Peterson has mostly recovered, several surgical complications and operations put massive stress on the family, including Dr. Peterson – a self-help author who gained international attention for pushing back against political correctness. He tried to give up cold-turkey over the summertime after his spouse, Tammy Roberts, “miraculously” recovered from issues with a kidney surgical procedure

Husband & Children

She meets Jordan at a young age. Both of them plan their marriage in 1989. Now, Mikhaila Peterson is their daughter. Tammy’s son is Julian Peterson.

The couple is together for 29 years. Now, Tammer and Jordan have promoted. Their daughter is expecting a baby son.

Net Worth

Peterson is reported to be worth about $1 million.

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