Who is Tanesha Booker? Bio, Age, Wiki, Charles Booker’s Wife, Children, Height, Instagram

Tanesha Booker Bio – Wiki

Tanesha Booker is the wife of Charles Booker. Charles Booker is the progressive candidate facing off in the Democratic Kentucky primary against Amy McGrath. If he wins, he will face Mitch McConnell in the general election. Booker has been endorsed by Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and many others. His wife, Tanesha has been supporting him every step of the way. In fact, it was a video she made in 2014 that helped propel him into politics.


Her age is unknown.

Charles and Tanesha Anniversary

Charles and Tanesha Booker just celebrated their 10th anniversary earlier this month. He posted about it on Facebook, writing: “10 years ago, Tanesha agreed to let me bug her the rest of our lives. I still don’t deserve her. Raising a glass to love on our anniversary.”

On Twitter, he said that the ring he proposed with was his grandfather’s wedding ring for his grandmother, and his Uncle Will (who performed their wedding ceremony) was the first person to tell him to propose to Tanesha.

Charles often posts proudly about his wife on social media. For the post below, he wrote: “Fierce. Just call me, Tanesha Booker’s husband.”

Tanesha Volunteers with Her Church

Tanesha Booker is a Claims Analyst with Evolent Healthcare, EdTrust shared. She’s also an active volunteer in faith-based service. She’s served as the Vacation Bible School director for her church, Bates Memorial Baptist.

Tanesha led her daughter’s Girl Scout troop and is a member of the Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority. As if all this doesn’t keep her busy enough, she also likes to try new recipes in her spare time and she’s a team member of The Education Trust.


Charles and Tanesha Booker have two daughters they’re raising in Russell, Kentucky, according to his bio. Their daughters are Kaylin and Prestyn.

His bio notes that since they’re still paying off their own student loan debt, they’re already worrying about how they will pay for their daughters’ education.

Tanesha’s been very involved in her daughters’ lives, including serving as a parent representative at her daughter’s elementary school. She’s now a member of the PTA.

Charles Booker wrote on Twitter that they had agreed to give Kaylin a phone for Christmas if she got good grades, but he was worried he might one day get a call from her during a school shooting.

Tanesha Booker Political Ad

In 2014, Tanesha Booker was interviewed for a political ad for Alison Grimes, which you can watch above. The ad was called: “Our Strength Is Our People: Tanesha’s Story.”

In the interview, she said she was nervous about Mitch McConnell staying in office.

“I don’t want things to stay the way they are,” she said. “…In 31 years, Mitch McConnell has not done anything for my community. He has not created any jobs, he hasn’t cared about our community at all.”

She said that when McConnell says he doesn’t want to raise the minimum wage, it’s because he’s a millionaire.

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Charles Booker, who worked for the Legislative Research Commission at the time, lost his job after the video came out, Washington Times reported. The LRC had a policy that employees shouldn’t take part in political activities, but the LRC director wouldn’t officially confirm why he was let go. At the time, Charles had worked there for just a little over a year as an analyst and made $51,000 a year.

Booker told The Messenger that he was let go for violating the policy about not engaging in political activity.

Charles Booker said on Twitter: “She spoke the truth about Mitch McConnell. I lost my job as a result. That moment changed our lives. We still got fight some fight left.”

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