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How to Make Money by Creating a Mobile App for a Agency?

If you are among those who think about different ways of making money and are actually practical about it, launching an app is a popular idea of this century. I am sure that it is going to be more popular in the next century too. So, it seems important to know how it works and how can a mobile app make us rich… rich to the extent that we might haven’t dreamt ever. Yes, a successful custom mobile app development company can take you higher to the stars. Well, let’s come back to reality now. And the reality is that it requires a great deal of effort and strong commitment to execute and establish an idea. Having a great idea is still important, but the execution is what drags it to our arm’s reach.

The journey is going to be fun and torture at the same time. Yes, most probably, except only if you are the luckiest among millions of folks like us. So, for common people like us, it’s most likely to exert a great amount of energy to make us that rich. Let’s start with the process of developing an app.

Put Your App Idea on Paper

The better the idea, the more it qualifies for gaining success. Look at the examples of WhatsApp, Uber, and MyFitnessPal. These apps emerged with a unique idea.  Your ides may not necessarily be first-of-its-kind or very unique, but it’s better to offer a solution through your idea and application.

Initially, write down your idea on paper clearly mentioning the basic features of your app. you can make a sketch of what you want to see in your app. therefore, start with sketching your idea and note down the list of features for your app. This is how you get a certain impression before you start working on your app.

Thorough Market Research

After understanding your idea and just before entering the development phase, it’s important to perform thorough research. The research intends to gather information regarding the potential of your app to bring the business. To do so, ask several questions to yourself:

  • Is there any alternative available for your app?
  • Who are your potential customers, and what are they looking for?
  • Is your app enough competitive to charge for?

Thorough market research enables you to make a better decision regarding the features you offer in your app. moreover, it prevents you from making blunders in your app features and solution that you offer to the users.

Create App Prototypes

Getting a positive response from your research takes you to the next step that is creating an app prototype. An app mockup or prototype is a close sketch of your app layout, user interface and the basic design flow of your app. build a mockup before developing your app so that you can get aware of the loopholes beforehand.

Design & Development

For the design and development process, you would need to consult a mobile app development company. With an app development company, you can discuss in detail about the visual elements, image assets and animation for your app. once you finalize the design elements, move on to the development. To get detailed knowledge about developing an app from an idea, you can read this amazing blog. At the final step of development, test your app and make sure it has no bugs.

Go Live on App Stores

Here comes the most awaited time of your app development process. Make it live on the app store. Depending on your preference, make your app live on iOS and/or Android app store. After making your app live, the next step calls for marketing.

Market Your App

After developing your app and making it live on the app store, you need to let people aware of your solution. Be ready to face that their people already have been using different solutions for their needs. Make sure that your app offers a solution that convinces people to make a switch to your app.

To do so, you need to get people aware of your app and the solution it offers. That’s where you need effective marketing for your app. even if your app offers a perfect solution, don’t assume that it would make it place. You definitely need to market your app and to get visibility among users and to go ahead to success.

Start Making Money

Now get back to the point where we started. “how to make money?” there are several ways you can make money after making your app live. It includes In-app advertising, In-App Purchases, Subscription, Paid Apps, Sponsorship, and Affiliate Program

In-app advertising

the most popular way of monetizing your app is an in-app advertisement. the app runs an ad on it the owner gets paid for it.

In-App Purchases

This is an app monetizing strategy in which the users make purchases from the app and pay through the app. this strategy is similar to the called e-commerce apps, but the services may vary. Uber is a popular example.


In this strategy, users subscribe for one or more features and pay for their subscription. Netflix is a popular example.

Paid Apps

The paid app directly makes money through its purchase in app stores.


Sponsorship is another strategy to make money from your app. you get a sponsor for your app in return to some favors you offer them.

Affiliate Program

An affiliate program helps app owners to make revenue by letting others product and service providers to earn a commission by recommending the product to others.

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