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The death of Michael Gambon, AKA Dumbledore, in the Harry Potter Franchise

The death of Michael Gambon

Harry Potter is the name of the most-watched series in the world that engages childhood with the beauty of memories of Hogwarts. Michael Gambon, known as the character of Albus Dumbledore, played this role in the series of Harry Potter. He was an Irish-English actor who excelled in contributing to the media industry. He died at the age of 82 years, as confirmed by various sources.

His family (wife Anne and son Fergus) stated that they felt saddened to announce the death of Michael Gambon, a father and a husband. Then, he contributed to the numerous supporting roles he performed throughout his career. He was recognized for the approximately hundred-plus roles in TV and films.

One of the most exciting parts of his career was his role as king in the films “The Lost Prince” and “The King’s Speech.” After this, he performed the role of “Churchill’s secret”. Then, he played President Lyndon in the film “John Frakhenheimer.” Later on, he was nominated for the film “Path to War.” However, the role of Michael as headmaster in the Harry Porter series is a significant contribution to his performance so far.

In 2016, he again rocked the audience by performing as the narrator for the Coen Brothers. Another contribution that you can see is the occurrence in the drama “Luck” aired on HBO. However, if you want to know his most significant performance that got maximum recognition for the thief role he played in the films: “The Cook, The Thief, his wife, and Her Lover.” This particular role of his marked him the best actor. His role portrayed him as a thuggish personality and a bit of his criminal side.

Gambon was highly appreciated in England for his role in “Layer Cake,” a criminal film. In contrast to this role, in “Gosford Park” and “Brideshead Revisited.” Another appreciation of performance is his role as the villain in the film “The Insider.”

In the series of Harry Potter films, the role of Dumbledore was played by Richard Harris. But later on, the team selected Gambon for this role. He also became an ideal performer in his role in the novel-based miniseries called “The Casual Vacancy.”

His list of nominations includes the nomination for the “Path to War movie.” After this, he got an Emmy nomination for his role as “Mr. Woodhouse in Emma.” Similarly, the most powerful awards he got were four BAFTA TV awards. So, he got these awards for “Singing Detective,” “Wives and Daughters,” Longitude,” and “Perfect Strangers.”

Another major part of his career includes his roles in “Maigret” and “Fortittude.” One of his major debuts can remind you of Othello. You will also be surprised to hear that he performed exceptionally in romantic roles. For example, he played in the “Borderers,” “Cubby, “etc.

Americans must have recognized Gambon in the film where he performed as a zoo keeper in “Turtle Diary.”

He had a great name in the stage career as well. You must have known his famous contribution to Shakespeare work. Then, in the year 2004, he had a performance for “Being Julia”.

Gambon further got three Laurence Olivier awards for his comedy performances in “A Chorus of Disproval” and “Man of Moments” and the Best Actor award for “A View from the Bridge.” In the UK, his stage career started with the stage performance for “Skylight.” This performance of his made him gain the Tony Nomination award.

If you look back at the biography of Michael Gambon, you can find its roots in Ireland. The actor had his birth origin in Cara, Ireland. From his late teens to the start of his twenties, he enrolled at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. Despite this, he always had an interest in the area of toolmaking. Starting from his career, he had his first ever performance on stage at the Gate Theatre Dublin in 1962. A few years later, in 1967, he joined the Birmingham Repertory Company. At this stage of life, he got to play interesting roles like in Othello, etc.

In 2012, a young actor, Ralph Richardson, played or dubbed this actor great Gambon. Then, the media enlisted him for the best ten actors at the BBC show. Also, in 2004, he participated in Nicholas Hytner’s national theatre for the role of Sir John Falstaff.

Later on, he won three Oliver awards and also ten nominations (best actor) in “Betrayal,” “the life of Galileo,” “Tales from Hollywood,” “skylight, ” “Tom and Clem,” “The Caretaker,” “The unexpected man,” “A Number,” “Endgame,” “No man’s land.”

Eventually, at 75, in February 2015, he retired from the stage career. The reason behind this was his memory loss, or he couldn’t memorize the scripts. A few years back, he used to have an earpiece that helped him to minimize the dialogue. But later on, he usually suffered from panic attacks because of the stress of forgetting his dialogues very often.

Gambon always showed reluctance in sharing his private life. His marriage life started with Anne Miller in 1962. Two years later, they had a son, Fergus. His child appeared in a show, Antiques Roadshow. He moved out with his wife Kent in 2002 and announced that she was his girlfriend. He is a father to two other sons, Michael and William.

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