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Adam Bueller Bio – Wiki

Adam Bueller was an Indie wrestler, who tragically lost his battle with cancer, according to the Great Lakes Wrestling Association and other social media posts.

Bueller, an “indie wrestler,” was diagnosed with B cell lymphoma in 2018. Janine Topp, described by Ringside News as his ex-fiancee, spoke of her heartbreak on Facebook. She had previously organized a fundraiser for Bueller.

He lived in La Porte, Indiana, and was from Lewisburg, Ohio, according to his Facebook page. In 2018, he was diagnosed with HIV.


He was 36 years old.

Cause of Death

Adam Bueller passed away this morning, June 20th at 5:11 AM. He was diagnosed with B cell lymphoma in 2018. His ex-fiance Janine Topp broke the news of his death on Facebook.

Adam Bueller had beaten cancer once before and was documenting this current battle with cancer in an effort to beat it for a second time. Unfortunately for all, cancer prevailed in its return and Adam Bueller passed away at the age of 36.

This is very sad news and came less than a day following her posting a GoFundMe page to help them. The family is in a dire situation and she doesn’t know what to do. They were told that Bueller’s cancer was in remission a short time ago, then five days later he was told that he had less than one week to live.


In 2007, he debuted with Indiana’s Underground Championship Wrestling (UCW), which soon became NWA Underground. The company went under several name changes over the years, to Pro Wrestling ZERO1 USA Underground (2012), Ultimate Championship Wrestling (2012-2013), and finally Pro Wrestling King (PWK), but Bueller remained a fixture in the company throughout his entire career.

Adam Bueller would also work various other Midwest promotions, such as Dan Severn‘s Price of Glory (PoG) in Coldwater, Michigan, and IWA Mid South (competing in the 2015 IWA-MS King of the Deathmatches Tournament), as well as West Virginia’s Vicous Outcast Wrestling (VOW). He was a former PWK King Online Michiana Champion, NWA Underground Champion, and PoG Tag Team Champion with Jamie Eternal in the tag team Sick & Twisted.

Health Issues

On his Twitter page, Bueller called himself, “Pro Wrestler | Magic: The Gathering Enthusiast | Comedian | Professional Bleeder.”

He wrote about his health battles on social media. “I don’t pay twitter much attention, but for anyone who would like to follow my half-assed attempt at documenting my road to beating cancer a second time, I created a youtube channel. Subs and follows would be greatly appreciated,” he wrote. That YouTube page is titled Adam vs. cancer, and it contains many videos about his journey.

His most recent video, from February 2020, was headlined, “Going home.”

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“So, greatest news ever…the doctor came in and told me that if I want to and if I’m feeling up to it, I can go home today,” he said in the video. “…I absolutely feel okay to go home, so let’s please do that.” Other posts were headlined things like, “constantly tired.”

“Remember when we had presidents that would try to unify and bring the country together in times of crisis instead of creating a divide between party supporters?” read one recent tweet.

“That awkward moment when your nurse talks to you about life and wrestling comes up. YouTube always gets broken out. Now my nurse thinks I’m a psychopath,” read a joking tweet. In January 2020, he wrote, “Chemotherapy starts today. Can’t wait.”


People filled the comment thread of Bueller’s last Facebook post with tributes. “It is a pleasure knowing you, Adam. Always fun to be around and making work enjoyable and brought a smile to everyone’s face. You’re a great man,” wrote one.

“much love buddy. The mark you made on this world and the wrestling business is something to be very proud of,” wrote another.

“Thank you for the entertainment in the ring & for being such a cool person the very few times we conversed in person,” wrote a man.

“I cannot express to you how beautiful of a person you are. You’ve taught me so much, Adam. About life, love, and wrestling. My heart is so f*cking heavy right now, but I can tell you without a single doubt that you are one of the only good ones out there. I love you, forever and beyond that. You’re one of, if not the strongest people I’ve ever met in my life. I love you,” a woman wrote.

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