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Hana Kimura Bio – WIki

Hana Kimura was a Japanese female professional wrestler, who wrestled for Stardom. She was born on September 3, 1997 in Yokohama, Japan. Japanese professional wrestler Kimura died on May 23. She wrestled for the promotion Stardom, who confirmed her death on their website and social media. The Tokyo-based company, also known by its full name World Wonder Ring Stardom, issued a statement on its English-language Twitter account:


She was 22 years old.


Her mother is a former wrestler Kyoko Kimura.


She was trained with Wrestle-1 at their professional wrestling university. Her mother, Kyoko Kimura, is also a professional wrestler and mixed martial artist who had a 14-year career before retiring in 2017.

Kimura made her debut on March 30, 2016, with Wrestle-1. She wrestled many times that year, including against her mother. She won her first title on September 18, 2016, the JWP Junior Championship. Kimura eventually left Wrestle-1 to move to Stardom on March 25, 2019, where she became the leader of a faction called Tokyo Cyber Squad. Kimura won the Artist of Stardom Championship twice and the Goddess of Stardom Championship once.

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I'm so sorry to have to tell you all that Hana passed away last night at the age of 22. I started this page about a year and a half ago because, simply, I was a fan of Hana. I never expected it to grow to almost 20,000 followers. People often talk about Hana's looks but anyone who followed her career knew there was far more to her. She had a unique warmth, energy and overflowing charisma. I never had the opportunity to meet her but every story I've ever heard has been that she left any fan she met with a positive, memorable experience. Hana had so much potential to be a superstar in wrestling. I don't know how many comments I've seen of people asking when she would go to WWE or AEW. I'm confident she would have been a success wherever she went but now we can only imagine the path her career might have taken. All I can say is that, to the fans, Hana was a special talent and, to her friends, she was a special person. Wrestling and the world as a whole are both poorer for losing her. Rest in peace, Hana.

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In addition to her professional wrestling career, Kimura appeared on the Netflix reality show “Terrace House: Tokyo.” Netflix describes the show: “Six strangers share a fabulous house in Tokyo, looking for love while living under the same roof. With no script, what happens next is all up to them.”

She first appeared on the show for the 20th episode on October 22, 2019. She immediately made an impact on the house due to her outgoing nature.

Kimura was a dancer in high school before becoming a professional wrestler. In an interview from January 2020 posted to YouTube and available above, Kimura said she initially wanted to become a dancer. She said when it came time to earn money and “put food on the table,” dance was no longer something that she really enjoyed.

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She said her mother, who was a professional wrestler, told her she should also follow that path, which was something she didn’t initially like. However, when she lost interest in dance as a career path, she decided that becoming a pro wrestler was more realistic and it allowed her to keep dance as a hobby.

She said when she started, she told her mother she would try it for three years, but since getting into professional wrestling, she’s never thought about quitting and knew she would do it for much longer.

Cause of Death (Suicide)

A deeply tragic week of pro wrestling managed to end on a chilling note as Stardom wrestler Hana Kimura has reportedly died at the age of 22.

Kimura’s life appeared to be in danger after the budding star sent out a series of graphic, troubling tweets with slashes to her wrist, suggesting she had engaged in self-harm. Kimura had been the subject of hundreds of mean tweets from fans and critics on a daily basis.

Kimura posted an apparent suicide note on Twitter that translated to the following:

“Nearly 100 frank opinions every day. I couldn’t deny that I was hurt. I’m dead. Thank you for giving me a mother. It was a life I wanted to be loved. Thank you to everyone who supported me. I love it. I’m weak, I’m sorry. I don’t want to be a human anymore. It was a life I wanted to be loved. Thank you everyone, I love you. Bye.”

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