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Ingrid Escamilla Bio – Wiki

Ingrid Escamilla was a young woman, who allegedly killed by her partner with a knife, has been widely publicized in Mexico after pictures of her deformed body appeared in front of the press. Anger was found.

The latest case of violence against women in Mexico is by Ingrid Escamilla, who has sparked widespread protests.


Escamilla was 25 years old.

Cause of Death

Ingrid Escamilla was found dead by officers at an apartment just north of the center of Mexico City over the weekend, with her body having been skinned and left without organs.

Ingrid Escamilla had her organs and skin removed, in what is believed to have been an attempt to hide evidence of her grisly murder.

who was allegedly stabbed to death by her partner, has sparked mass outrage in Mexico after photos of her mutilated body were leaked to the press?

Leaked images of her mutilated body were then splashed on the front page of Mexican newspaper Pasala alongside the caption: “It was cupid’s fault”.

Leaked Pics.

Gruesome pictures were later published by the national newspaper Pasala, which has been met with widespread condemnation by women’s rights groups.

Escamilla’s partner, who she had been living with, can be seen being interrogated by police in a video circulated by the press in the country.

The brutal murder of a young woman, who was allegedly stabbed to death by her partner, has sparked mass outrage in Mexico after photos of her mutilated body were leaked to the press.

Her partner, who is doused in blood sitting in a police vehicle, can be heard telling police he stabbed Escamilla in a row over his drinking and admitted to getting rid of her body parts in drainage.

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Critics hit out at the fact that harrowing photos of Escamilla had been published and shared photos of her looking happy and wearing brightly-colored lipstick on social media – with the hashtags #IngridEscamilla and #JusticeForIngrid gaining traction.

Karen Ingala Smith, who has been tracking the numbers of women killed by men for an annual census on femicide in the UK, told The Independent: “The killing of Ingrid Escamilia is shocking in its perverted brutality, but every deliberate murder of a woman should shock us and provoke a response. Too often men’s fatal violence against women is accepted as normal.

“That a media outlet has chosen to share an image of Ingrid’s mutilated body is an assault on the memory of her and compounds the distress of those who loved her. It can do nothing positive. That the same source blames love with the caption ‘It was cupid’s fault’ is equally ignorant.

Suspect Confessed  Murdering Escamilla

A man from Mexico City has confessed to murdering, skinning and dismembering his 25-year-old wife, and then discarding her remains, in a crime that has unleashed outrage among authorities and human rights groups in Mexico’s capital.

Protesters took to the streets after leaked graphic photos of Ingrid Escamilla Vargas’ carved-up body, stripped off her skin down to her knees, appeared on the front page of a local tabloid.

Prosecutors will seek the maximum punishment for Escamilla Vargas’ murder, the capital’s mayor said on Tuesday, adding a suspect had been arrested for the crime that took place at an apartment north of the city center over the weekend.

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