Who is Jacopo Bacis? Bio, Age, Wiki, Cause of Death, Michele Bacis Son, Family

Jacopo Bacis Bio

Jacopo Bacis is the son of former Fiorentina footballer Michele Bacis. He died falling from a third-floor balcony. The family was home.

Police are investigating the cause of the accident.


He was 8 years old.

Jacopo Bacis Cause of Death

The eight-year-old son of former Fiorentina footballer Michele Bacis has died after falling from a balcony last night, according to reports from Italy.

The boy, Jacopo, was playing on the balcony at his home in Arezzo, in Tuscany, when he lost his balance and fell three floors just after 10 pm.

He was rushed to the San Donato Hospital in Arezzo but was declared dead upon arrival.

A neighbor told Italian paper Corriere Della Sera: “We heard a dull thud coming from the street, we looked out and saw the child’s body and then we heard the screams of the parents.”


Paying tribute, Jacopo’s karate teacher Enzo Bertocci wrote on Facebook: “I imagine you happy, free, free to fly and run as you have not been able to do in these two months.

“I imagine you show other kids your best moves.”

The heartbreaking incident comes just weeks after Bacis lost his uncle to coronavirus.

Michele Bacis Biography

Michele Bacis is a football coach and former Italian footballer, defending role. As well as Fiorentina, the 40-year-old ex-footballer played for Genoa, Arezzo, and Monza, before retiring in 2010.

He also had two spells in charge of Arezzo’s youth academy.

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