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Jakrapanth Thomma Bio – Wiki

Jakrapanth Thomma is the suspect named in a Korat, Thailand mass shooting that left a trail of people dead. Disturbing videos circulated on Facebook as it emerged the suspect is accused of live streaming portions of the massacre.


He is 32 years old.

Korat, Thailand Mass Shooting

The shooting erupted on a military base initially and then spread out through the city at different locations, culminating in the suspect holing up in a shopping mall. As many as 20 people may have been killed, although final numbers are not definitively clear, BBC reported. The alleged shooter, a sergeant major, was still at large, according to Al-Jazeera. Bangkok Post reported that at least 14 other people were wounded.

Thai soldier has gone on a gun rampage inside a shopping mall, killing at least 20 people and taking a dozen hostages while live-streaming the mass murder on Facebook and posing for selfies.

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Sergeant Major Jakrapanth Thomma began his murderous rampage this afternoon at his barracks, where he executed his commanding officer along with two other soldiers, before commandeering a humvee and tearing away from the scene.

As he drove along the motorway toward the Terminal 21 shopping mall in Korat, a city 155 miles northeast of Bangkok, Thomma opened fire on civilians along the road.

Reports say the frenzied soldier also sprayed bullets at a Buddhist temple en route to the mall, where he is holed up with hostages as police close in.

Thomma Live Streaming On Facebook

Daily Mail reports that Thomma live-streamed the massacre on Facebook and posed for selfies. “The gunman used a machine gun and shot innocent victims resulting in many injured and dead,” said Police Col. Krissana Pattanacharoen, the police spokesman, to Bangkok Post.

Disturbing videos emerged on Facebook showing the chaos and gunfire throughout Korat. One shows the situation in the shopping mall. You can hear gunfire and people shouting in Thai.

Daily Mail reports that the mass shooter first “executed” his commanding officer and two other soldiers in a barracks, took a humvee, and then drove toward a shopping mall in Korat, called Terminal 21, shooting people along the way. He then hid out in the shopping mall with hostages. Videos and photos of the shooter circulated on social media.

According to Daily Mail, his Facebook posts included things like “should I surrender” and “no one can escape death” and “I’m tired… I can’t pull my finger anymore” and “It is time to get excited.”

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