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Jomo Thompson Bio

Jomo Thompson is the cheerleading coach of the University of Kentucky. On Monday the University of Kentucky fired all four of its cheerleading coaches, including Head Coach Jomo Thompson, following a three-month probe into UK’s cheerleading program. The investigation, conducted by the Office of Student Conduct and Office of Institutional Equity and Equal Opportunity, found evidence of hazing practices, alcohol use, and public nudity, according to the Lexington Herald-Leader.


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Jomo Thompson and Other Kentucky Cheerleading Coaches Fired

University of Kentucky authorities reported the terminating of four coaches of the broadly perceived cheerleading group and the renunciation of an elevated level college lawyer after individuals participated in right of passage exercises, liquor use, and open nakedness.

The report by UK officials describes a series of inappropriate behaviors at off-campus events and an annual cheerleading retreat. At the retreat, the report found that cheerleaders snuck in alcohol and went skinny-dipping while alumni were allowed to bring boats and alcohol. The report includes accounts of naked “basket-tosses” off a pier, in which nude or semi-nude cheerleaders were thrown off a dock.

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The investigation also found rampant alcohol abuse and some cheerleaders were hospitalized because they were so intoxicated. UK faculty found additional evidence of hazing, including a sexually explicit chant that cheerleaders were made to sing as part of an initiation ritual.


Head Coach Thompson transferred to the UK from the University of Florida and joined the team in 1996 as a cheerleader before becoming head coach in 2002, according to an interview for UK’s Cheerleading Squad Oral History Project in 2018. All four coaches were former cheerleaders on the team.

The investigation determined that coaching staff “knew or reasonably should have known” about these activities and did not act to remedy them. All four coaches were dismissed and their staff pages on the UK website taken down. UK officials did not find evidence of sexual assault or sexual misconduct.

On Monday, the coaching staff was found responsible for failing to take appropriate action to address hazing practices, alcohol use, and public nudity. According to KTVQ, when the investigation was first announced, T. Lynn Williamson, who had served as the cheerleading program advisor for nearly four decades, retired.

Assistant Coaches Ben Head and Spencer Chan are currently being investigated for a conflict-of-interest between their relationship with the UK cheerleading program and their privately-owned businesses. The investigation will determine if Chan and Head leveraged their positions in the UK to attract clients and unfairly encourage UK cheerleaders to work for them. Chan owns a company called Cheer Expert and Head owns a gym.

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