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Qing Han aka Qinni has died following a battle with cancer. The Canadian artist had amassed more than two million followers on Instagram and was a celebrated creative on DeviantArt.

It was fellow illustrator, Courtney “Seage” Howlett who broke the sad news of Qinni’s passing. Howlett tweeted, “I’ll be away for some time while I sort through my emotions. I love you, qing… I’ll miss you. Rest in paradise.”


She was 29 years old.


Qinni graduated from Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario, in 2012 with a BAA in Animation, according to one online profile. That bio says that Qinni has worked with Disney XD and for Motorcity. The piece adds that Qinni had been working as an artist since 2008.

Family And Early Life

Known as Qinni, she is an illustrator and self-proclaimed professional doodler whose starry sketches and digitally enhanced character art have earned her over 2 million Instagram followers.

Her family disapproved of art, so she was not allowed to draw at home. She has also been public about her heart problems, having undergone four open-heart surgeries by the age of 28. She has done many sketches inspired by her medical struggles.

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During her formative years, she aspired to become like many artists she followed on DeviantArt, joining the website in 2005.


In 2016, one of Qinni’s most famous pieces of work, “Starred Freckles,” became a makeup trend, according to Pop Sugar. The Pop Sugar report said that Qinni’s trend became so big that Snapchat developed a photo filter around it.

Qinni said that in making “Starred Freckles,” she was “Mapping out the constellation with her freckles, in the night sky…” Qinni said of her fame in her Urban Muse interview, “I’m still having a hard time comprehending it. I try not to think about it, to be honest… it’s pretty daunting and I’d have to sort of watch what I say all the time now… and of course put up with a lot of people who hate me because they, like me, don’t understand why this happened, hahaha. I just wanted to be like…medium-well-known. Like, a hundred thousand people was already a lot to me and I was pretty happy with that. But now it’s just crazy.”

Outside of her social career, she has worked as a background painter for a Canadian animation company.

Doctors Had Given Her At Least a Year to Live

On 28 December 2019, Qinni told her social media followers that she had been diagnosed with stage 4 fibrosis sarcoma. The disease was terminal, Qinni said. She tweeted that her doctor had told her that she had “a year or year and a half left.” Qinni added, “Hey guys how do I stop randomly bursting into tears lol.”

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So…I have stage 4 Fibrosis Sarcoma cancer…..Doctor says I have about a year, year and a half left, so.. …I'm not really sure what to say tbh. I've been cracking jokes on twitter but, well, tbh I'm pretty stressed haha… though, I'm already pretty nihilistic so I really just need to get over my mortality haha…easier said than done tho xD. Uhh….well, I guess I don't have to worry about recycling anymore, my emission's about to get cut real short lmao. Still gotta crack jokes or it's just sad man lol • that's all I have to say right now. I appreciate all the support on twitter and people becoming my patron is just so sweet, thank you guys so much. I apologize my condition might only get worse before it gets better though, I still have a lot of pain problems right now actually…i think that's the worst part of this though, is the pain. god. I'm so tired. • edit: I don't JUST have cancer, I ALSO have a severe heart condition and I'm on a LOT of heart medication which I need to live, so please refrain from making medical advice unless you're an oncologist, cardiologist, or both. Honestly. Please please.

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In a follow-up statement on the diagnosis, Qinni said, “I appreciate all the support on Twitter and people becoming my patron is just so sweet, thank you guys so much. I apologize my condition might only get worse before it gets better though, I still have a lot of pain problems right now actually… [I] think that’s the worst part ofo these though, is the pain. god. I’m so tired.”


Artists are paying tribute to Canadian artist Qing Han, aka Qinni, who has passed away after a battle with cancer. Qinni was a beloved and influential figure in the online art scene, and her viral work inspired countless people for over a decade. She was 29.

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