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Alison Turkos Bio

Alison Turkos 31-year-old from new york, Alison Trukos says that she used to be kidnapped and raped on gunpoint by her Lyft driver and two other men.

Alison Has Worked With Planned Parenthood in New York Abortion Access Fund & NARAL While Using Her Voice to Be an Advocate for Women’s Rights & Sexual Assault Survivors.

Alison says in 2017, she took a Lyft to domestic from a celebration in Crown Heights, New York. She used to be supposed to drive to her domestic in Brooklyn.

But instead of that 15-minute trip that was supposed to cost less than $20, Turkos was abducted by her driver and taken to an isolated place in New Jersey park.

where she was raped, according to the lawsuit. She was then dropped off at her apartment. The ride took 79 minutes and cost $106.80.

Alison Turkos Education

She is a graduate of Plymouth State University with degrees in English and women’s studies.

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Alison Turkos Incident

Turkos says that in the fall of 2017 she was at a party in New York when she got into a Lyft and fell asleep.

She was once looking forward to waking up at her Brooklyn home about 15 minutes away however instead was pushed into New Jersey, the place she says she was once held at gunpoint and gang-raped with the aid of at least two men.

Alison says, the men cheering and high fiving each other as they continued to rape her, Turkos’ attorneys wrote in the lawsuit.

Their assault was once so brutal that the next day, Alison skilled extreme vaginal pain and bleeding.

Her body found to be so exhausted from the assault and ensuing trauma that Alison no longer even go away her bed or increase her arms.

Alison Turkos’lawsuit comes weeks after 14 female sued Lyft accusing the company of mishandling their complaints of sexual assault via drivers.

Her’ lawsuit was filed September 17 in California state superior court in San Francisco.

Four different women additionally filed lawsuits against Lyft in San Francisco on Tuesday. According to Vice, at least 26 human beings have sued the employer considering August 1 in connection to sexual assault cases.

Alison Turko’s attorney’s Statements

Alison said in a statement, As a women-led law firm, Levin Simes Abrams LLP is proud to represent Alison Turkos and dozens of different ladies who have been sexually assaulted via Lyft Drivers in their search for justice and systemic change.

While the attack on she is one of the other horrifying instances our association has seen, tragically, the dozens of ladies we signify are possibly solely a fraction of the girls who have fallen prey to predatory Lyft drivers.

Lyft Statment

On the other side, Lyft issued a statement saying, What this rider describes is awful, and something no one should have to endure. The unfortunate fact remains that one in six women will face some form of sexual violence in their lives — behaviour that’s unacceptable for our society and on our platform. In this case, the driver surpassed the New York City TLC’s heritage check and was once approved to drive.

Lyft says, We continuously work to improve the platform, which is why Lyft has invested in new features, protocols, and policies to protect our riders and drivers. This year we launched 14 new safety feature.

Alison Turkos Statment

Alison Trukos told ABC-News:

“I am a sufferer who is in this house of, I did not report my first two rapes, and I did file my 0.33 crime, and so I apprehend the world from each side. Even when I did record and ‘did the proper thing, my reporting technique was as soon as horrific and nerve-racking and terrible.

So I’m wondering about that a lot when I’m seeing all these people, and humans in positions of power and elected officials, who are telling us: ‘Why did you do this? Why did you do that?”


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