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Hailie Sahar Bio – Hailie Sahar Wiki

Hailie Sahar is an American actress, singer and social activist. She has achieved a lot of success, overcoming through her bitter transgender experience and vast struggle to establish herself in the entertainment world.

Hailie crowned with Queen USA and Miss La Pride title in 2015.

Moreover, Hailie was even honoured by the 57th Presidential Advisory Council with an invitation to speak on the HIV/AIDS epidemic at The Ronald Reagen International Trade Center.

She is continuing her human rights contributions through The East LA Women’s Center against domestic violence.

                                           QUICK BIOGRAPHY
Birth Date 12th July 1988
Birth Place Los Angeles, California
Death September 15, 2019
Age 31 years old as of 2019
Profession actress
Net Worth Update Soon


Hailie Sahar was born in 12th July 1988 in Los Angeles, California.

Her father was a preacher in a Baptist church, and she grew up in a religious household in Los Angeles.

Hailie has five brothers. As a child, Sahar was a dancer for L.A.’s WNBA team, the Sparks.

Hailie grew up in a strict religious family since her father and grandfather were both pastors. So, her childhood was bound to school, dance class, and performing in plays and church.

Further information on Hailie’s family members and education has not been disclosed until today but, she timely shares many pictures of her relatives on Instagram.

In one of the Instagram post dated 5th April 2019, she mentioned her elder brother and thanked him for always being supportive of her.

Even though Hailie rarely shares details of her family, she seems quite open on her physical attributes.

The 31-year-old Hailie Sahar revealed an unusual birthmark on her left cheek on 27th June 2019 in an interview with Allure’s Fatima Jamal.

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However, Hailie has not disclosed her height and weight yet.

She participated in Los Angeles Ball scene, and at 18, she became the youngest member of the ball community by starting her own house, House of Rodale. Later, Sahar moved to the House of Allure.

Hailie describes herself as a woman of trans experience.

Hailie Sahar Career

She was born like a boy. But it didn’t take much time for her to realise that she was in the wrong body. So, to fulfil her dreams of being a woman, she started her transitioning from teenage.

But, Hailie faced isolation in the process as her strict religious family didn’t support her.

Making things worse, Hailie had to struggle to find a job of her passion. Although she went for auditions after the completion of her transgender process, nobody accepted her. Instead, she faced severe sexual harassment.

Despite all the odds, She overcame her challenges with her immense determination and devotion.

Hailie landed her first film role on Leave It on the Floor in 2011. Soon after that, Hailie performed minor roles in Amazon’s Transparent.

Finally, her breakthrough came with her portrayal of the transgender character, Lulu Abundance, in FX’s musical drama series, Pose, in 2018.

Hailie also got to perform in the Freeform TV series, Good Trouble, that started from January 2019.

Besides being an actress, Hailie is also a singer. At the 2016 TransNation Film Festival, Hailie gave a live duet with Miss America, Betty Cantrell. In January 2017, she published her first music video, California Dreams.

As a versatile artist, she has introduced herself as an actress, singer, fashion designer, and humans rights activist.

Through all these fields, one can imagine Hailie must be collecting a remarkable amount. However, she has not unwrapped the exact figures of her net worth yet.

Hailie Sahar Husband, Married..?

She has not left any traces of her marriage or dating status in any social media. So, it is hard to determine whether Hailie is in a relationship with someone or continuing her career without choosing one.

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Despite keeping her relationship information private, Hailie has frequently admitted that she wants to marry and have children.

In fact, in an interview with Today’s Lindsay Lowe in 2018, she had this to say about her view on family,

As far as wanting a family, wanting to be married and wanting to provide for my family and be nurturing, those are essential things that any woman would wish to. I operate in my life every day as a woman. I’ve been this way since I was a child, and it’s who I am.

Hailie shared that having a family was always on her list.


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