A Crash Course in Black Car Etiquette

Black Car Etiquitte

Black cars are the epitome of luxury transportation. They are often associated with suited gold-tie professionals and exude the image that they are only reserved for politicians, VIPs, business executives, and celebrities. However, the luxury black cars are also an option for people from all walks of life, whether it is for a special Halloween night, for proposing to the love of your life, for prom night, for luxury wedding car arrival or something else.   

So, if you find yourself in a similar situation and considering black car services in Washington DC, you may not be aware of the finer details and etiquette. That’s why we created this post as an etiquette guide so that you don’t embarrass yourself in front of your date.  

Do’s And Don’ts In A Black Car:

1. Decide What You Want And Book Early On

The city that holds the seat of power of the US government is expensive and luxury car services in Washington DC so it can be a bit pricey, even when they are worth every penny. Some of them do provide last-minute bookings. However, that’s going to spike up the regular car ride price immensely and leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Moreover, if you don’t have a concrete plan for the destination, the stops in between, and other details of the trip, the journey needs to be constantly customized on the go. For this process that’s going to be more expensive. That’s why make sure that you have an itinerary and plan everything out before booking the trip in advance. An advance car ride booking keeps the journey predictable and affordable.

2. Be Mindful Of The Seat You Choose

You’re a small startup with an incredible product or idea and got the opportunity to pitch an idea to a Venture Capital (VC) fund manager. However, the VC fund manager has an extremely busy schedule and was able to accommodate you during one of his airport rides in a black car. Where do you sit in the vehicle?

Well, it depends. Usually, the second row on the passenger side is reserved for the VIP in the group or whoever paid for the executive transportation in Washington DC. It’s the most comfortable seat with the largest legroom. On the other hand, if you’re the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of your startup with a secondary role and there’s no room in the second or third row, you can always sit in the passenger seat beside the driver. While that particular seat is usually reserved for the VIP’s bodyguard, executive chauffeurs would gladly accommodate this change.

3. Don’t Exceed The Guest Count

Town car services in Washington DC have a commitment to their clients, always. They want to maintain a very high standard of luxury and comfort and want you to have the best time during your transport. That’s why it’s important to not exceed the guest count and surprise the chauffeur. It isn’t just rude but makes the ride cramped and uncomfortable.

If you’re aware that the guest count is going to increase, inform the car service in advance. This is not only a good gesture but it helps the chauffer to understand and arrange the ride accordingly. This allows them to switch out their luxury sedan with a luxury SUV or some other roomy and classy vehicle ride. Even when if it’s a last-minute addition, staying true to your guest count is the right etiquette that makes everyone comfortable.

4. Value The Time

If you have booked the luxury transportation service for a few hours, as a customer you may be a bit more lenient with the arrival time. However, for executive car services like airport transportation, DC tours, and point-to-point transportation, it’s very important to stick to the schedule. These trips have designated timing that’s accounted for in that car’s daily schedule.

Timeliness doesn’t equate to rushing out the door as soon as the black car arrives at your pickup point. However, sticking to the schedule helps these car services maintain their quality. In certain cases like airport pickups, your driver tracks your flights and adjusts the pickup time accordingly. You can always take a restroom break in a gas station. However, stopping by Five Guys for a bacon cheeseburger and cajun-style fries is certainly not good etiquette.

Riding in a black car isn’t rocket science. The etiquette is actually simple. You just need to be respectful to your chauffeur, mindful of your schedule, and be kind to the rest of the passengers. So, there’s no need to get intimidated if it’s your first time utilizing a black car service.

Summary: Unsure how to act in a black car? Avoid awkward fumbles! Our crash course in black car etiquette equips you with a smooth, stylish ride.

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