How To Track An Android Phone From An iPhone

How To Track An Android Phone From An iPhone

Teen lifestyle is different these days. In the old times, wild teens had different meanings; these days, the wild level has drastically changed. Now you can see viral footage of your kid documented on the new channel as well, and you will have no idea about that. Then these days, they want to get popular. Well, it has been the teenager for ages, but now the audience is the whole world. Thanks to the smart gadgets of the internet, kids have access to everything. They know about recent trends, what is popular, and how they can achieve that kind of popularity as well. Parents, on the other hand, are struggling. They not only have to deal with teen tantrums but are also bound to keep smart gadgets and digital life in check. For some tech-savvy parents, it is an easy task, but for others, it is something difficult to achieve. Parental control app technology is good news both for tech-savvy parents and struggling parents. Technology can help the parental community to stay in the loop of kids’ digital and real life through their games. So be the first one to know about your teen’s viral challenge or post uploaded on social media.

How To Track An Android Phone From An iPhone

Install the app in the target Android gadget and monitor it through your iPhone. The best thing about TheOneSpy parental control app is that you can check target person activities from anywhere, including your iPhone.

Be With Them All the Time:

Staying with your kid all the time sounds impossible. But with good parental control app technology, it is not. The app allows the parents to virtually present with the kids all the time. All the screen activities of the kids are recorded for the user, thanks to the technology. The screen recording feature reports any addiction to the parents right away. Screen activities are reported in the form of screenshots and short video recordings. You can watch the screen and know what the kid is up to at any given time.

Listen to Them :

Keen listening is important when it comes to teenagers. With the mic bug feature, you can listen to your kid and company in real time. The mic bug feature bugs the mic of teenagers’ cell phones. That simply means that you have remote access to every discussion and chat of the kids. Listen to the kids and know if they are obsessed with anything.

Have Remote Access to Photos:

What is saved or downloaded in the kid’s photo gallery tells a lot about many things. The media shared or downloaded can let you know about their interests, new obsessions, and more. With a good and effective parental control app, you can have remote access directly to the photo gallery of the target teenagers. There is no need to worry about the password-encrypted gallery, as the app can even deal with it as well. You can check the photos and videos saved in the gallery of the kids and take necessary action if required. Use the tool and make sure the kids are not saving nudes or adult content on their phones.

Keep An Eye on Netflix:

Digital changes are another big obstacle that today’s parents must know how to deal with. But don’t worry; you can even check your kid’s Netflix streaming history as well with the help of the parental control app. Get the app, and you can know what type of content your kid is watching and what type of movies and dramas they like, share, and talk about.

Monitor The Apps:

Kids who have access to smart gadgets can access the Play Store or Apple Store. That simply means they can install any type of app on their phone whenever they want. Parents must know about the installed apps and should manage to keep an eye on the content of the apps as well. With the help of the spyware, parents can check the list of apps easily. The app monitoring feature lets the user know bout the app installed by the kids. You can know if they are addicted to any violent game or spending hours with any weird app.

Now, you know how to track an Android phone from an iPhone.Once the app is installed, you can have remote access to the kid’s gadget.

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