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Key Types of Commercial Security Systems to Protect Your Business

Key Types of Commercial Security Systems to Protect Your Business

As a business owner, you understand the importance of protecting your assets and people from harm. Commercial spaces like offices, retail stores, and warehouses all have unique security vulnerabilities allowing unauthorized access or theft if left unsecured. No single solution fits every commercial environment. The level of required security system complexity ranges drastically based factors like size, sensitivity of assets, regulations, threats, and more.

In this article, we break down essential commercial security system categories that Commercial Electrician London’s highly trained teams deploy across client facilities. You’ll discover core components like access control equipment, video surveillance, perimeter sensors, fire panels, and more that combine to harden defenses across common weak points. Understanding available commercial security solutions will help identify priority focus areas to strengthen at your workplace.

Access Control Systems

Managing ingress/egress to facilities constitutes the front lines of defense. Access control systems establish policy-based permissions for employees, contractors, and visitors attempting entry at locked doors, turnstiles, barricades, elevators bays, parking garages, etc. Core access control equipment includes:

  • Biometric Readers – Fingerprint, facial, iris scanners, or vein mapping devices verify authorized identities before unlocking entry points.
  • Credential Readers – Card, FOB, or keypad readers grant access when authorized badges/credentials are presented or PIN codes entered.
  • Door Controllers – Networked devices interfacing credentials readers and electronic door locks to make access decisions while securely transferring activity logs.
  • Request-to-Exit Sensors – Detect exiting motion to open doors from the secure side without requiring credential presentation for convenience.

When professionally installed, these work in concert to reliably verify access attempts against pre-defined credentials, schedules, expiry dates, user permissions, and locations. Customizable actions then secure or release locks while capturing detailed audit trails.

Video Surveillance Solutions

Live monitoring and video recording of activity, blindspots, high-value items, and secure areas provides forensic evidence and prompts interventions during incidents. Commercial video security commonly encompasses both indoor and outdoor cameras plus necessary components such as:

  • Fixed Security Cameras – Wall/ceiling-mounted cameras permanently focusing on key indoor/outdoor areas like entrances, registers, vaults, etc.
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras – Motorized cameras that can pan 360-degrees, tilt up/down and zoom-in on activities across wide spans where fixed cameras would require many units. Controlled remotely.
  • 360-Degree Fisheye Lenses – Ultra wide-angle hemispheric lenses capture activity from all directions simultaneously, eliminating blindspots in a single camera.
  • Network Video Recorders – Standalone hardened appliances saving camera feeds to high-capacity drives for present and historical surveillance footage review and export.
  • Management Software – Centralized monitoring/control software for optimizing recordings, adjusting PTZ cameras, creating video clips and stills, and reviewing analytics.

Commercial-grade components endure vandalism while balancing processing power, storage capacity and image detail needed for heightened risk environments.

Perimeter Intrusion Protection

Detecting unauthorized visitors crossing facility perimeters whether by foot or vehicle lets personnel intervene faster while capturing corroborating footage. Common perimeter detection gear includes:

  • Beam Sensors – Invisible IR beam projectors and receivers rigged across courtyards, fences, driveways, or gate entries to detect obstructions.
  • Microwave Sensors – Projects a focused microwave field tuned to detect human bodies entering within range without false positives from environmental conditions.
  • Passive Infrared Sensors – Detect human body heat signatures moving within line of sight to trigger alerts for closer investigation.

Sensed perimeter breaches can instantly trigger CCTV recording, send alerts to radios/phones, lock doors, guide responding guards, or announce deterrent warnings. Layered technologies create overlapping protection.

Fire, Safety and Environmental Monitoring

Finally, securing staff from environmental dangers like fire, flood, gas leaks and explosions is paramount. Safety-focused security systems encompass panels, detectors and sensors such as:

  • Linear Heat Detection Wiring – Sensitive linear cabling routed near ceilings detects dangerous rising heat patterns from developing fires. Integration with gas valves enables automatic shutoffs.
  • Smoke Detectors – Ionization and photoelectric smoke detectors identify developing fires. Networks of wireless units report specific origins.
  • Emergency Phones – Call points, towers, poles and Help Point boxes enable immediate summoning of assistance when danger, injuries, or fires occur. Integration with access control platforms enables locating callers.
  • Environmental Sensors – Distributed sensors track temperature, humidity, power fluctuations, ice buildups, water leakage, and more to warn of hazardous asset conditions needing preventative maintenance.

In hazardous commercial environments, these systems provide for business continuity, asset damage prevention, regulatory compliance and critically – life safety monitoring.

Secure Your Business with Complete Commercial Protection

The commercial security solutions highlighted represent integrated platforms that come together to provide true defense-in-depth. Commercial Electrician London analyzes vulnerability risks across locations and environments to create customized bundles securing each unique business from harm.

Specialized services around professional installation, testing and maintenance of multifaceted systems ensure continuous enforcement of organizational policies, compliance obligations, and most importantly – protection of people, property and data from intentional and environmental dangers. To explore commercial security system installation in London aligned to your risk profile from Commercial Electrician London’s accredited experts, request a consultation or risk analysis today. Discover how implementing the right capabilities now allows focusing on business growth, not threats.

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