The World of Pharmaceutical Excipients in 2024

Pharmaceutical Excipients


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The key role in the preparation of medicinal products is played by pharma excipients, which are usually known as inactive ingredients. These substances are an integral part of the manufacturing process and ensure stability, bioavailability and total effectiveness for medicinal products. Excipients perform a number of functions which are essential for the proper administration of medicinal products. Excipients are the largest component of a formula in most products. They help the body to process, break down and dissolve, helping to protect the medicinal product against unfavorable conditions. 

We’ll look at the world of pharmaceutical excipients, explore their introduction, market size, global and Indian industry landscape, and future prospects in this blog. In addition, we will examine the crucial role that chemical databases, such as the Chemxpert database, play in the development of the pharmaceutical excipients sector.

Understanding Pharmaceutical Excipients:

In order to enhance their physical characteristics, stability and overall performance, pharmaceutical excipients are intentionally added to the medicinal products. These may include additives, fillers, dissolving agents, lubricants and preservatives. Excipients contribute to the safety, efficacy and manufacturing ability of medicinal products.

Market Size and Value:

In 2024, the global market for pharmaceuticals excipients was estimated at USD 9.94 billion and by 2029 is expected to be worth USD 14.56 billion with a compound annual growth rate of 7.93% over the forecast period (2024-2029). (Courtesy: Mordor Intelligence)

In terms of revenue, the market size is estimated to reach USD 10.0 billion in 2023 and is expected to reach USD 13.9 billion in 2028, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 6.8% between 2023 and 2028. (Courtesy: Markets and Markets)

Global Industry Landscape:

An increasing demand for novel drug formulations, advances in drug delivery technologies, and a growing emphasis on patient centric formulations characterize the global pharmaceutical excipients industry. Innovative excipients that comply with regulatory standards while meeting the evolving needs of pharmaceutical companies are being developed by major players in this sector. 

The pharmaceutical excipients market is set to grow at a compound annual growth rate of USD 11.5 billion by 2027. (Courtesy: Pharmasource.Global)

Indian Industry Scenario:

India is a major contributor to the world excipients market as one of the main players in the pharmaceutical sector. The thriving pharmaceutical industry, R&D initiatives and a competitive environment have led to significant growth in the country’s pharmaceutical excipients sector.

Future Outlook:

The future of the pharmaceutical excipients sector is set to continue to grow. Innovation in the excipients sector will be driven by factors such as an increasing prevalence of chronic diseases, advances in drug delivery systems and a focus on more patient friendly formulations. In addition, demand for excipients that meet specific drug delivery requirements is likely to increase in the industry.

The pharma excipients market is anticipated be benefitted from an increase in the generic medicine demand. Increased market penetration will probably lead to an increase in the volume of medicines sold, as generic drugs are more affordable in comparison to their brand counterparts. As a result, the pharmaceutical excipient market is expected to succeed, accelerated by the increased demand for high-efficient, good quality, and cost-effective excipients.

Role of Chemxpert Database:

In addition to buyers, suppliers, market size, clinical study data, regulatory insight and price trends in the pharmaceutical and life sciences sectors, Chemxpert Database offers a large collection of information. Chemxpert provides timely and transformative information that will shape the life sciences sector, serving as the leading hub for both buyers and suppliers. Notably, the database assumes a pivotal role in the pharmaceutical excipients sector, furnishing companies with crucial insights and data to facilitate informed decision-making.


In conclusion, the need for pharma excipients in the health sector cannot be ignored. With increased demand for generic drugs and the quick progress of technologies like nanotechnology, the pharma excipients market is set for continuous growth in upcoming years. Databases like Chemxpert database play an important role by providing valuable insights to the companies from lifesciences sector.

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