Unleash the Power of AI Prompts for Effortless Writing

Unleash the Power of AI Prompts for Effortless Writing

ChatGPT has taken the world by storm. GPT-4, with a paid subscription and access to the custom GPT store, allows you access to all kinds of tools and makes content creation easier. Moreover, newer AI tools from Google and other tech giants are making the process more exciting than ever. As a business owner, you can make your blogs better, improve your emails, and even optimize your writing for the search engine.

However, you need the right prompts to get the job done. Well, we have been using ChatGPT since it became available to the public, and the free version can still add a lot of value with the right prompts. SEO content writing services often use these tools to streamline their writing process.

AI Writing Prompts You Should Use In Your Writing:

1. Brainstorm Ideas

Sometimes you are full of ideas and other times your brain just stops working altogether! If you have a team of writers, they can help each other with a brainstorming session. They understand the products and services you offer along with the pain points of the customer. That enables them to have a lot of insights and to come up with new topics. When you hire the best content writers, you don’t just get new and fresh ideas. You also get to address customer pain points and truly deliver value to retain them and increase brand loyalty.

However, sometimes, you simply need to keep the content bucket spinning and appease the algorithm gods. In those cases, AI can help. Prompt for ideas related to your industry or your niche.

For instance, if you are a boutique bagel shop, prompt for ‘provide me a few interesting blog ideas for my bagel shop’.

If you want to address customer concerns, prompt for ‘Give me a few blog topic ideas to address customer concerns for a bagel shop’. Otherwise, you can feed the AI a bunch of questions your customers send you and then tell it to brainstorm ideas with that information. Remember, most of these generative AI tools are conversational and can keep chatting with you without losing context for a long time. You can also prompt for new ideas based on the keywords you’re trying to rank for. Here’s an example – “give me trending blog topic ideas for the keywords – ‘bagel shops near me’ and ‘best bagel shop in Washington'”.  

2. Prompt For Synonyms And Antonyms

When you hire website content writers, you borrow all of their skills to write amazing content for your website and blogs. Apart from their flow, grammatical expertise, and tone of voice, you also borrow their vocabulary. That’s why articles and blogs written by pros stand out and don’t seem repetitive and dragged out at any point. For instance, if you are writing an entire article on synonyms, the word ‘synonym’ may get repeated several times in the content. Reading such content isn’t a favorable experience for users and also it sends bad signals to search engine crawlers.

In this kind of situation, AI can become a small crutch when you don’t have professionals to help you out. When things get repetitive, you can use AI to prompt for antonyms and synonyms to enrich your writing. Use a free tool like Keyword Density Checker to figure out how many times different words have been repeated in the content. List out those words and prompt for their synonyms or antonyms to use in your content.

3. Prompt For Optimizing With LSI Keywords

LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords are related to secondary and primary keywords and provide the search engine with deeper context about the web page. Integrating LSI keywords in your content helps you reach the right people. When you hire website content writing services, they do the job for you and make sure to integrate all the primary, secondary, and LSI keywords naturally without interrupting the flow.

If you are looking to add LSI keywords to your content, prompt for “List LSI keywords for ‘your blog title or topic'”. This method doesn’t just provide you with LSI keywords but also delivers ideas to fuel your content. For instance, while writing this post, one of the LSI keywords we got was ‘topic idea generator’ and that turned into the point ‘brainstorming ideas’ you read above.

AI tools aren’t ideal for generating fresh new content, as it has been seen in several cases that they do repeat the similar topic in different points they deliver. Even if you’re the best prompt engineer, AI struggles to add personal experiences and nuances. That’s why content generated by AI appears cold and distant to your audience. While AI can help you improve your content with the above-mentioned prompts, there’s no alternative to hiring freelance website content writers for now.

Summary: Stop staring at a blank page! Unleash the power of AI prompts to generate fresh ideas and refine your writing.

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