A rough estimation of the cost of Invisalign per month

Invisalign London is the numerous undochoices for the majority of people in the UK to straighten their teeth and correct bite problems. The cutting-edge technology to straighten the teeth that Invisalign Offers UK is proves a reliable, effective, discreet and flexible alternative to traditional braces. One major hurdle that prevents people to sign up for this treatment is the cost. How much does Invisalign deals cost on average in the UK? Let us explore that in the following sections of this post. Apart from knowing the average treatment cost it is also important to be aware about the factors that affect the cost. These days various finance options are also there to make the treatment affordable to people. In the following sections of the post we will explore all these facts and factors along with much more.

Average treatment cost for Invisalign – understanding the basics clearly

There are a number of factors that affect or determine the overall cost of your Invisalign treatment and some of the significant ones include the following –

The level of complexity involved in a case – The level of complexity involved in a specific case is a vital factor that determines the overall cost of the treatment. Cases that involve severe misalignment of the teeth, massive bite problem or more extensive movement of the teeth usually involve a higher price. It is also important to mention in the ongoing context that such cases also require much higher levels of treatment planning and greater time period to solve the issues.

Length of the treatment – The length or duration of this cutting-edge teeth straightening technology varies from case to case or patient to patient based on specific condition and unique needs of a patient. Basically a longer time length of treatment involves a higher price and vice versa explains a trained dentist who charges reasonable cost for Invisalign in London. The higher cost compensates the additional sets of aligner trays and more frequent appointments to follow up with the treatment better. All these facilities come at an additional cost.

Qualifications of a treatment provider – Qualifications and experience of an Invisalign trained dentist also determine the overall cost of your treatment. Highly qualified and more experienced dentists will obviously quote higher price. Core technical expertise, relevant skill sets and efficiency in both creating and managing complex treatment plans are the few factors that hold any dentist in high esteem and such a dentist is bound to quote a higher fee than the rest.

The location of your chosen dental clinic – Usually in the urban areas dental clinics quote higher price for the treatment compared to that in rural areas across the UK. This is because cost of living in urban areas is much higher compared to rural ones.

Additional procedures and treatments if required – In certain cases patient may require some additional treatments or procedures to complement invisalign teeth straightening procedure. Examples of these additional treatments include extraction of the tooth or teeth to make space to address malocclusion, professional cleaning of the teeth, placement of attachments or buttons and others. These additional treatments contribute with additional charges and as a result the overall cost of the treatment rises.

Average cost of Invisalign treatment in the UK

As to current date the average cost of Invisalign treatment in the UK ranges from £2,500 to £5,500 and this covers the entire process of treatment starting from initial consultation with your Invisalign treatment provider to the handing over of retainers after successful completion of the active phase of the treatment explains a dentist who quotes reasonable cost for Invisalign across the UK over the years. 

The figures mentioned above reflect the national average but it is important to mention that regional variations also exist. For example in larger cities across the country as well as more affluent places the cost of the treatment is mostly on the higher side of the spectrum whereas in rural places and less affluent locations the cost is on the lower end of the spectrum. Again this disparity results from higher cost of living in large cities and more affluent areas.

Different phases of Invisalign treatment

Initial consultation and preparing your unique treatment plan

Every Invisalign treatment kick starts with an initial consultation with the treatment provider or expert dentist. During this consultation the expert assesses a candidate’s teeth along with the overall mouth and also discusses the goals of the treatment. Based on the diagnosis and the consultation an expected duration of the treatment for the specific candidate is worked out. This step usually incurs a fee that ranges from £50 to £250.

Active phase of the treatment

Active phase of the treatment means the length of time when the teeth of a patient are gradually shifted to correct positions using the clear plastic aligner trays. During this phase the cost that a patient incurs includes making the custom fitted aligner trays in a remote Invisalign lab, check-up appointments with the treatment provider at periodic intervals and any adjustment or refinement that the patient may require in the course of treatment. All these factors play their individual roles to decide how much is the Invisalign treatment in the UK for a given patient.

Retention phase  

Once the active treatment phase comes to an end a patient does not need to be on the aligners any more. However during this phase one has to wear retainers to the teeth to ensure the teeth placed in correct alignment through the treatment do not sink back into their initial positions before the starting of the treatment. The cost of retainers is usually included in the overall treatment cost but you should better be sure about it by asking your treatment provider right at the beginning of the treatment. If there is any replacement of the retainers or any follow up appointment then additional fee could be applied.

So, how much does Invisalign cost per month in the UK? A number of dental practices offer the cutting-edge teeth straightening treatment for as little as £52 a month. However this option is relevant depending on the complexity of a case and the available treatment options. For example, Invisalign Express is offered at £53 a month when you choose the finance option free of interest. Usually this version of Invisalign costs £2000. Chatfield Dental Braces, London Dentist Spreading out the treatment cost is possible when you have a dental insurance that covers Invisalign. Other than it your options invisalign monthly cost UK include either flexible payment plan or interest-free credit which is usually offered over 12 months and works out to £28 a month.

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