Tips for Eating with Invisalign Aligners

Tips for Eating with Invisalign Aligners

One of the biggest adjustments when transitioning to Invisalign clear aligners is adapting your eating habits around removable plastic trays. Since Invisalign London must be taken out for all foods and drinks besides water, meal planning requires some strategy.

Follow these handy tips and tricks for eating with Invisalign Offers painlessly so you can stick to treatment goals seamlessly even while enjoying delicious foods and your morning coffee.

Plan Main Meals Carefully

Rather than grazing constantly, focus your daily food intake around structured main meals when you can allot time to completely remove aligners. This minimizes having to constantly take trays out and rush to brush before popping them back in.

Designate certain times of day as designated meal times allowing for unrushed eating. Aim for 30-60 minutes for ample chewing and swallowing before needing to reinsert aligners. To hit that time target, some find batch cooking efficient car-friendly meals for workdays helps minimize needing to fuss with trays during busy office hours.

Invest in Portable Cleaning Tools

Carrying a compact dental kit containing a mini toothbrush, small tube of toothpaste, floss picks, aligner case and cleaning crystals makes freshening up on-the-go seamless. Some cheapest Invisalign London providers like My Dental even include portable aligner kits with treatment packages.

Stash extra dental tools in your work desk, office fridge, glove box, purse and nightstand at home for quick dental touch ups whenever trays get removed. Review proper cleaning procedures during your Invisalign consultation and ask for product recommendations to simplify oral hygiene away from home when out running errands, traveling cross country or on holiday.

Stick to Water Most of the Day

Stay hydrated by sipping cool water whenever conveniently possible with aligners popped in. While clear aligners can safely stay inserted for up to two hours while drinking water, limit staining beverages like coffee, tea, red wine and soda only to meal times when you can immediately brush after consumption.

Some cheapest Invisalign providers in London allow discoloration-prone drinks for shorter windows before enforcing aligner removal for cleaning. However, your safest bet involves primarily wetting whistles with clean water all day, then briefly indulging in tannin-rich satisfying sips during planned food sessions.

Munch Minimally Between Meals

When a snack attack strikes in between main meals, reach for crunchy fruits and vegetables that satisfy cravings without greatly impacting aligner integrity or your dental hygiene. Apple slices, carrot sticks, snap peas and celery contain fiber and water for refreshment that can get chewed up completely before swallowing to minimize debris inviting decay.

You must still brush after snack sessions for ideal cleanliness, but limited nibbles between meals with trays in minimize needed efforts. For office days, meal prep veggie packs in advance alongside heavyweight batched entrees to eliminate temptation to indulgence in leftover birthday cake in the break room when you’ve forgotten your aligner case at your desk.

Learn Proper Bite and Chew Method

Avoid aggressive biting and tearing with your front teeth which could potentially crack or warp aligner shape over time, advises London cheapest Invisalign Deals experts. Instead, use your molars whenever possible for grinding down substantial morsels. Cut meat and other tough foods into small pieces ahead of chewing to minimize extensive pressure on aligners which could delay progress having to rescan and replace damaged trays.

Chew thoroughly with molars until food gets completely broken down before attempting to swallow bigger chunks that might get stuck annoyingly between teeth and plastic. Taking smaller forkfuls or spoonful’s encourages sufficient chewing prior to gulping meals down.

Avoid Excessively Hot Foods and Drinks

While Invisalign plastic holds up remarkably well to average food and beverage temperature levels, allowing extra hot items like boiling soup or freshly microwaved coffee could impact aligner integrity and cause issues warns cheapest Invisalign London providers.

Wait several minutes for items cooked steaming hot to cool down closer to warm before attempting to eat or drink to steer clear of potential warping aligners and discomforting your mouth.

Use Meal Times to Rest Mouth

Since you must have aligners removed already to brush and clean after meals and snacks anyway, take advantage of food sessions for giving your teeth, gums and jaws extra respite from plastic pressure.

Extend meal times slightly to allow your mouth to relax completely tracer-free while enjoying foods that tend to get stuck like fibrous vegetables, cheese or bread. Don’t rush to pop aligners back in the second your plate gets cleared. Stretch meal breaks out an extra five or ten minutes for an aligner break before re-inserting trays and resuming your usual talking, drinking and other activities.

Stock Up on Dental Supplies

Never get caught with a dirty mouth on the go without the proper tools to remove food debris and freshen breath. Replenish your portable aligner kit supplies anytime windshield wiper fluid gets topped up at the filling station. Purchase dental hygiene extras in bulk online for most savings on must-haves like floss, mini toothbrushes, cleaning crystals, aligner cases and tiny toothpastes. Setting yourself up with the right knowledge, attitude and supplies removes the stress from eating with Smile Clinic LondonInvisalign aligners so you don’t dread meal times messing up your progress. Follow these handy tips for protecting your teeth and aligners without depriving yourself of delicious dining. Cheapest Invisalign Offer London deals stretch further when you implement enduring cleanliness habits.

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