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Best Construction Companies in Pakistan

Best Construction Companies in Pakistan

Pakistan is a developing nation that is developing day by day and with time construction projects are increasing there are several ongoing real estate projects that are developing with the population of Pakistan. And because of this Construction and real estate firms in Pakistan are making significant profits. Due to the progressing projects and because of the increase in population these projects are much needed. In this blog, we will spotlight a few of the top construction companies in Pakistan that are working on some of the country’s best real estate projects.

GFS Builders & Developers owned by CEO Irfan Wahid

GFS Builders & Developers is recognized as one of the best builders in Pakistan and has won the Brand of the Year Award 2022. Led by one of the top real estate CEO in Pakistan Irfan Wahid, it is one of the best construction companies in the country, known for their benchmark performance in the real estate sector. They have a few of the best-developing projects in Pakistan and are internationally acclaimed for their vast range of projects. Their popular projects include 7 Wonders City, North Town Residency, Malir Town Residency, and Sarafa Bazaar.

Sardar Group of Companies

Sardar Group of companies is one of the well-known construction companies in Pakistan providing their services in the real estate sector in Pakistan The group focuses on modern concepts, design, and Pakistan’s standard of living market. It is among one of Pakistan’s best construction companies. The Centaurus Mall, Islamabad, an upscale shopping center is one of the Sardar Group of Companies’ most well-known real estate developments.  The company’s other notable initiatives include Taj Residence, Centaurus Condominiums, and Movenpick.

Jaffar Group of Companies

The Jaffer Group of Companies is a group that operates numerous enterprises around the nation in industries like construction, agriculture, technology, and fertilizers.  In 1984, the Jaffer Group founded the construction company Murshid Builders (Private) Limited. Since then, the business has finished a number of projects and worked with renowned international businesses. Famous projects developed by them include the Lahore Honda Car Factory, Construction Equipment Training Centre, The Agriculture University of Peshawar campus, Khanpur Dam Water Reservoirs, and Children’s Hospital, Karachi.

Pak Gulf Construction (Pvt.) Ltd

Pak Gulf Construction (Pvt.) Ltd. (PGCL), a partnership between Sardar Builders (Pakistan) and Al Tamimi Group (KSA), is a reputable real estate company with its headquarters in Islamabad. PGCL has assembled a team of experts with market knowledge and strong ties to some of the top businesses worldwide. They seek to advance Pakistan’s real estate market. This company’s ambition goes beyond the typical real estate development in the present since it has been involved in building substantial infrastructure in record-breaking time frames. The “Centaurus Mall” was built and delivered by them, while “Taj Residencia” is currently being developed.

Habib Construction Services

few of the most modern and complex projects in Pakistani history have been developed, carried out, and managed by Habib Construction Services, a leading construction firm. Commercial contractor company Habib Construction Services has made its mark across Pakistan with the utilization of cutting-edge technologies, superior construction standards, and professionalism. It has also established the groundwork for new engineering advancements and quality standards that others will build upon. Bahria Town, the National Highway, and the Capital Development Authority are some of its well-known initiatives.


If you are looking for one of the best construction companies in Pakistan then you have to look no further GFS Builders & Developers is one of the finest choices in Pakistan. With an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction, GFS Builders and Developers, led by the top real estate CEO in Pakistan, Irfan Wahid, is a trusted choice for clients seeking excellence in every aspect of their projects. His strong leadership and expertise in the construction industry make GFS the ideal choice for those looking for top-quality construction services. 

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