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Green Living: 7 Sustainable Practices for Your New Home

green living home

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you plan to invest in a new house? Well, it’s a mix of everything that you have always dreamt of. However, what you enjoy the most is the excitement of relocating to your new living abode. The feeling becomes more intense if you have been living in a rental property and finally taking the step to own what you can call your home.

Next comes exploring new home developments in Kelowna and Fraser Valley and you are right at the spot visualising the interior décor and a beautifullylandscaped garden in the exteriors. However, if you want to live healthily and think more practically, once the excitement dies, you will feel motivated to implement green living in your new house. Wondering what the best practices of green living are?

Explore these sustainable practices that you must implement in your new home in Kelowna BC:

Infuse more greenery in the interiors

There is no denying that an environment-friendly house is environmentally more complaint and what better way to begin than infusing green elements in the house? From using more indoor plants to using furniture made from eco-friendly materials, you will come across plenty of ways to elevate your space. Gradually, your house will turn into a haven of tranquility.

Get rid of plastic forever

The Tower Ranch home for sale that you are already exploring should have no plastic. With over 14 million tons of plastic, ending up in the ocean and contributing to about 80% of marine debris, you cannot ignore how important it is to discard plastic. So, get ready to cut down on plastic use, and you will make your property more sustainable. From discarded plastic water bottles to bags, containers, and straws if you can’t get rid of the thing at once, switch to recyclable plastic objects to feel more satisfied in the long run. Every little step you take and practice you implement makes your new construction home sustainable.

Growing an eco-friendly garden

Your house needsto not only be in the interiors but the exteriors as well. If you are tired of eating vegetables and fruits grown with synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, it’s time to grow your food. It’s not as tedious as it sounds. Not only will you save fuel in the process contrary to commercially-grown products but enjoy the excitement of having a nature garden in the backyard. Stick to a container garden if you have invested in a tiny home. You will come across plenty of them in the community homes in Kelowna developed by real estate development company and get the inspiration for yours as well.

Minimise water usage

One of the basic steps to implement sustainability in your newly-built property is minimising water usage. Don’t carry the inefficient water fixture models of your existing home but upgrade to showerheads and faucets with low-flow capacity. Besides, use rainwater barrels to use and store rainwater effectively. Finally, abstain from wasting water in your day-to-day activities not only to lower your monthly expenses but to create an environmental impact. Prepare a list of all those appliances that use water. That way, you can minimise water usage and implement a sustainable step in your new house.

Eco-friendly paint and furniture

There is no end to implementing eco-friendly steps for your new home from paints to furniture. When painting your house, pick from finishes, containing VOC to stop polluting the environment. Instead, stick to paints made from natural products and extracts to breathe freely. Seed oils and beeswax are being increasingly used to manufacture sustainable paint. Similarly, when buying furniture, you need to be careful about the products used in the make. Materials like wood, bamboo, and cane are eco- friendly and add a unique touch to your house.

Boost energy-efficiency

Boosting energyefficiency is another step to implementing sustainability. The simple step is to begin with using energy-efficient appliances and installing lighting fixtures. Besides, you can choose windows and doors with appropriate insulation to cut down on energy expenses and utility bills.

Drip irrigation

The exteriors of your home contribute to sustainability, so make the landscaping choices wisely. That way, you will keep your home cool and make the air cleaner. When it comes to watering the garden, stick to a drip irrigation system to allow the plants to receive water in the roots and save electricity. The dripping style of water also reduces the amount of water that is otherwise needed to water the garden.

Are you ready to invest your money in building a new house? Well, begin your green building initiatives right now and implement these sustainable measures. Meet a Kelowna real estate company to find a suitable location to make your home eco-friendly and free from environmental hazards.

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