Best Yoga Poses to Cultivate Self-Love

Best Yoga Poses to Cultivate Self-Love

Have you ever wondered with whom you will live the longest time of your life? The answer to this question might shock you, but it certainly is yourself. You will spend more time with yourself than with anyone else.

Therefore, loving yourself is the most important aspect of your life. The act of self-love is crucial in your life. It helps you live a happy, confident, and prosperous lifestyle. However, for most people, it becomes difficult to fall in love with themselves.

If you, too, are one of those individuals, yoga can be of assistance in this regard. Keep reading the article to know more. It will shed light on the best yoga poses to cultivate self-love.

4 Yoga Poses That Help You Fall in Love with Yourself

Yoga is the best practice to develop feelings of love, affection, and empathy with oneself. Various yoga poses, including alternate nostril breathing, seated meditation, constructive rest, and corpse pose, are instrumental in this matter. Let’s discuss each of the above poses one by one:

1. Alternate Nostril Breathing

The most effective yoga pose that fosters self-love is alternate nostril breathing. This pose is known to release relevant hormones in the body that help promote the emotions of self-care and compassion.

It is basically a breathing practice that is set to stimulate the release of life-force energy in your body. Here is how you can execute this pose effectively to get the desired outcomes:

  • Adopt a seating position where you feel comfortable
  • Keep your left hand on the thigh, taking the index and middle fingers of your right hand together
  • Block your nostrils using the ring finger and thumb
  • Close one nostril while inhaling and exhaling through the other
  • Repeat the procedure with both nostrils alternatively after every two counts
  • You must complete eight rounds of this practice in one sitting

After doing the above pose regularly, you will feel a change of emotions in yourself. People join hot yoga Dubai based classes to practice the alternate nostril breathing pose properly and develop self-love.

2. Seated Meditation

Seated meditation is one of the easiest yoga poses. However, its effectiveness is beyond imagination. Particularly when it comes to promoting self-care and self-love, this pose has no match. It wards off all the negativity, paving the way for positive emotions.

You can do seated meditation in multiple positions. This is the beauty of this yoga practice. The most common method of doing this yoga pose is described below:

  • Find a tranquil and silent place to sit comfortably
  • Set your belly loose as much as you can
  • Position your hand on your abdomen, shutting your eyes
  • Focus on your breathing pattern as you breathe in and breathe out
  • Do not let your thoughts wander
  • Keep a time track if you are doing this pose for the first time

You can do this pose while sitting in a chair or sofa, on the ground, or on your yoga mat. This pose will make you fall in love with yourself by improving your blood circulation, enhancing your mood, and preventing worries.

3. Constructive Rest

Constructive rest pose acts as a painkiller for people in pain, a lullaby for those who feel restless, and a relaxant for individuals who worry a lot. It has been used for centuries to promote feelings of self-love, self-care, and self-empathy.

This pose is instrumental in blocking stress pathways and preventing the causes of muscle tension. It relaxes your nerves and increases confidence in yourself. The following guidelines will help you do the pose efficiently:

  • Lie down on your backing, keeping a distance between your feet and bringing the knees together
  • Position your arms on both sides of your body with palms facing the ceiling
  • Closing your eyes, start inhaling and exhaling deeply
  • Observe the rhythm of your breathing
  • Surrender yourself completely, emptying your mind
  • Stay in the position as long you can or want

This pose offers amazing benefits in lessening stress, warding off anxiety, and staving off depression. Consequently, you will start loving yourself progressively.

4. Corpse Pose

Unlike its name, corpse pose offers you the opportunity to refresh and rejuvenate yourself. It stimulates the release of positive energy, inhibiting bodily processes that induce stress.

Corpse pose is one of the most beneficial and amazing yoga poses. It offers a plethora of mental and physical health benefits. Particularly, when it comes to developing the feeling of self-love, the corpse can do wonders.

You can do this pose using the following tips:

  • Lie straight on your back on the ground or yoga mat
  • Place your arms on both sides of the body
  • Keep a distance of six inches between your hands and the body
  • Start breathing through your nostrils, closing your eyes
  • Do not let your focus wander away from your breathing pattern

This pose is very effective in stimulating your parasympathetic system, which relates to the emotions of self-confidence and self-love. You can join a yoga studio to do the corpse pose correctly and reap its benefits.


Practicing yoga is the best way to evoke feelings of self-love. The abovementioned yoga poses are instrumental in making you fall in love with yourself and giving you the self-confidence you have always wanted. If you want to enjoy such feelings, contact a certified yoga trainer.

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