How Can You Treat or Prevent Sagging Skin?

How Can You Treat or Prevent Sagging Skin

Everyone wants to avoid sagging skin. It can affect people of any age group and negatively impact their aesthetic appearance. Therefore, most individuals look forward to ways to treat sagging skin.

Such skin trait has several causes, including aging, environmental effects, genetics, and smoking. Some of these reasons can be prevented, while others cannot. Therefore, both treatment and precautions are required to avoid such a condition.

If your skin has also lost elasticity and firmness, keep reading the article. It will shed light on how you can treat sagging skin.

5 Effective Treatments and Preventions for Sagging Skin

Treating sagging skin is not an uphill battle. All you have to do is to avoid some causes and implement some approaches. These include getting LPG endermologie, doing facial exercises, quitting smoking, using supplements, and eating wholesome foods. Let’s discuss each of the above treatments and preventions one by one:

Opt for LPG Endermologie

The most effective way to treat sagging skin is to opt for LPG endermologie. This non-invasive process has proved very instrumental in offering skin its natural firmness. Many people have already benefitted from this procedure.

Thanks to technological advancements and innovations, several cosmetic procedures have been introduced to treat sagging skin. LPG endermologie is one such beauty treatment.

This is a completely painless and non-invasive treatment that stimulates the production of critical substances such as collagen and elastin by working out your skin. The higher production of these compounds offers the following benefits:

  • Reducing sagginess of the skin
  • Enhancing elasticity and firmness
  • Promoting skin integrity

As a result, you will feel a positive change in your skin. It will become firmer and more elastic than ever. Therefore, people book appointments at LPG Dubai based clinics to leverage this incredible treatment for sagging skin.

Do Facial Exercises

The most natural and effective way to treat sagging skin is by doing facial exercises. These activities help your skin restore its tightness and elasticity. Consequently, it will appear younger and more aesthetic.

Like muscles, your skin also needs to work out. For a long time, people have considered facial exercises a myth. However, recent scientific studies prove that these activities are instrumental in reducing the sagginess of your skin.

Doing facial exercises, including specific yoga poses, will provide your skin with the following benefits:

  • Increasing blood circulation toward your facial area
  • Supplying sufficient amounts of nutrients and oxygen
  • Enhancing lymphatic drainage

Due to the above advantages, the elasticity of your skin will improve, and it will become firmer.

Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking can substantially help you in reducing your skin’s sagginess. Most people are unaware of the fact that, along with other health issues, smoking can also cause sagging skin.

According to scientific research, smoking can stimulate the production of metalloproteinase in the body. This is an enzyme that triggers the breakdown of collagen, a protein mandatory for skin repair and elasticity. As a result, over time, your skin will lose the ability to repair itself and become saggy.

Kicking off this habit can help you reap many benefits in terms of skin integrity and aesthetic appearance, including:

  • Collagen production will enhance
  • Skin cell regeneration will increase
  • Blood and nutrient supply to your skin layers will augment

Consequently, restoring your skin elasticity and firmness will become easy for you. It will also complement any ongoing cosmetic treatment.

Use Supplements

Using supplements is another effective way to treat your sagging skin. Multiple types of supplements are available in the market for this purpose. However, you must ensure that you are taking the right ones for this purpose.

Supplements are the dietary products that help you avoid the deficiency of essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals. With age, your body begins to lose numerous vital substances, such as collagen and vitamin C. These nutrients are crucial for maintaining skin integrity and firmness.

You can take the following products to restore the natural elasticity of your skin:

  • Antioxidants, including vitamins A and C and coenzyme Q10
  • Hyaluronic acid and collagen

Regularly taking these supplements will assist you in tightening your skin. You can also book an appointment at lpg based clinics to leverage this effective treatment for the purpose.

Eat Wholesome Foods

The easiest way to prevent or treat skin sagginess is to consume wholesome food. Such foods are abundant in vital nutrients that are pivotal for your skin integrity. Hence, by eating these dietary choices, you can avoid the deficiency of such substances.

Today’s lifestyle is defined by the convenience culture, which means consuming unhealthy, highly processed foods. Eating these junk products deprives you of the crucial nutrients necessary for your skin. Consequently, your skin cannot regenerate or repair the affected cells.

That is why you need to eat healthy foods rich in nutrients like antioxidants, minerals, and proteins. It will help you reinstate the natural firmness of your skin.


In short, avoiding or treating skin sagginess involves opting for various treatments and preventing unhealthy habits. For instance, quitting smoking, doing exercise, replacing junk foods with healthy options, and taking supplements can all help. Moreover, contacting a reliable polyclinic Dubai to get cosmetic treatments can also be instrumental.

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