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How To Promote Your Blog- 10 Easy Steps

How To Promote Your Blog

Writing anything is one of the aspects to make your blog get proper recognition. The other factors may be many but the one that stands out is proper promotion of your writing. It is necessary for many reasons such as making your content reach more readers, ensuring that it reaches more audiences to earn you good income, and giving you more viewership. 

Though this read is all about ensuring that your blog promotion goes smoothly, you need to ensure a couple of things. These include that your blog must have good and reliable web hosting alongside appropriate security. 

Some of the popular ways to make your blog promotion easy include:

  • Social Media Activeness 
  • Participation in Online Forums
  • Newsletter Conversation 
  • SEO Optimization 
  • Guest Writing
  • Creating Visual Tools 
  • Translating Content to Different Languages
  • Sharing Blogs
  • Speaking at Events
  • Writing e-Books

1. Social Media Activeness

In the present world, social media is the most powerful tool to promote your content. Also, the social media of the present is a simple place to give your content the hype it needs. Without having to spend for special functions, you can simply use the public spaces offered on different platforms to give your blog the recognition it requires. Different social media platforms use different styles that you can opt to promote your blog. One key thing you can use from these platforms is the microblogging activity. Microblogging allows you to use different hashtags to help your blog reach a wider community. 

  • Instagram 

There is a good variety of what you can do on Instagram in terms of promoting your blog. For example, with good and interactive stories, posts, live streaming sessions, and video reels, you can let your blog find the attention of the audience. Moreover, your connections play a key role in promoting your blog over an entire platform.

  • Pinterest 

Pinterest is a ready-to-go or pre-dedicated platform where people share images and videos. A key difference from other platforms is that it is search-based only and not a live-streaming place. Hence, something positive for you is that your content will remain evergreen here once you post it. It is also essential to know about your target audience before publishing content since around 70% of females have more activity on Pinterest!

2. Participation in Online Forums

Online forums are a great way to have your type of audience find your content. Forums are like a short community that uses a conversation to find solutions to many things. When you become a part of or join a forum, there is ample chance that your content can make it to the minds of the readers. However, when it comes to promoting your content on forums, one has to be cautious in deciding the right way to do so. This is because people are not on forums to find and look for promotional information. You might find out that someone will begin a conversation about any place to travel and below somewhere there will be someone linking their blog or content regarding places to visit.

A popular online forum or platform is Quora where people post a question or start a conversation and others join in. Being a blog promoter, your job is to get into the conversation, be conversational, and help others find the right solution to it all. One thing a blog promoter should avoid is being self-promotional. People on platforms such as Quora and Reddit do not like promotional content. Hence, use these platforms to the best of your promotional content but avoid the things above. 

3. Newsletter Conversation 

Old is gold and old methods are always worth every penny. But it is the mark of a smart person to use the old formats and forums perfectly for your benefit. One of the oldest methods of promoting, selling, and marketing anything is through email. Emails currently are only used for a restrictive approach. You can understand that emails are a promotion from fax, telegraph, and letters. In essence, there is a need to revamp the emailing platform to transform your blog promotion.

You can perform blog promotion through emails firstly through your blogs. To do this easily, you can add a little form or section at the end of your blogs. You might find a small portion at one of the blogs you have read that shows “subscribe to our newsletter”. This is the beginning of your promotional journey through newsletters. People will join you and get enrolled. Hence, you will find the list of people that have enrolled and you can easily begin with promotional emails. Try sending greeting emails firstly that briefly highlight what your blog and content will offer them. It is now up to you to mark the perfect mark first up!

4. SEO Optimization 

A content creator needs to know SEO at best. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is known as the way to ensure that your content is ranked high on search engines to reach more viewers. The content you find on the front pages of search engines such as Google includes high-quality SEO implementation. Content creators use several ways and methods to ensure their content is rich in what the users and viewers must find. But their searching and your content locating are based on one simple parameter i.e. keyword.

Keywords are essential and critical promoters of content. To ensure your content is high on search engine rankings, you must ensure that your content is based on the right keywords. You can perform keyword research through different platforms dedicated to these reasons. This will help you find out the keywords that are in top demand considering your niche and blog idea. Next, you must use them ideally in your content title, text, and headings to reach more audience. Keyword placement is also a critical part of SEO. Make sure to stuff your keyword in the right proportion so your content idea does not suffer. It is because a common mistake by new content creators is the improper and high stuffing of keywords in their content. 

5. Guest Writing

If you are generating or struggling to generate an audience on your current platform, there is no harm in working on different platforms. As a blog promoter, your plan and goal is to promote your blog to the maximum. For this, you must try different sections to make tour content reach more eyes. A simple way of this is to become a guest writer. The idea is not to leave your base platform such as your website but to publish your content on other 2nd party websites. 

One of the ways to do so is to become a freelance writer. As a freelancer, you will be writing for a third-party source mostly. In such a way, you can attach a URL or insert a link to your original blog space. What this does is that it ensures readers find your current content and also access your other work. Apart from working as a freelance writer, you can also search for different platforms that allow writers to post guest content. This further ensures that you write for platforms that are already established with a better audience with a farther reach. Hence, you can break into their audience with your content when you write as a guest for such platforms. And you get a great option to market and promote your content further. 

6. Creating Visual Tools

Your reader is a member of the bigger or collective audience that you are targeting. For this, you must consider them all before releasing your content to your website. As a content creator, it is your job to bring all the preferences of your audience under one single roof. To do so, find out different ways to make your content differ from others. We can offer a simple hack or tool to you when it comes to making your content stand out. This includes involving visuals in your content. When it comes to preferences, an audience member is not just a reader but a watcher, viewer, and listener. For them, content can be a read, video, podcast, or slideshow at the least. 

Hence, you must bring their preferences into your read that ensure everyone has their likeness. But do not start to bring everything into your content at once. Try mixing things up with content including infographics, charts, and different graphics to tempt the reader. You can have separate podcast content to reach a different set of audiences. This way and trying multiple visual methods, you can create the best, vast, and diverse audience that all love to remain your permanent viewers for all the very reasons. 

7. Translation Content to Different Languages

You want to promote your blog to reach a higher audience level and rank your content at the top. One way to fulfill the first goal is to reach diverse communities. For this, a simple target is to reach different regions of the world through your content. In short, your content has to remove the boundaries and reach all people of different languages. But they must have access and proper translated content to read. For this, your translation success is a necessity. 

Presently, multiple software and platforms can help you convert your content to different languages. If you are proficient in writing in different languages, that is an extra yet superb benefit that you can possess. However, to do so, you must also keep in mind the cultural and environmental differences that come along with differences in communities. 

8. Sharing Blogs

Again, promotion is all about reaching audiences and climbing boundaries. And in this read, our focus has been all the minor hacks you need to get benefits with little effort. But you can do more without any effort at all. This can happen if you allow your readers to market and promote your blog for you. This can happen if you allow the readers to easily share your content on different social media platforms. Hence, the more easiness you provide to your readers to share the content, the more the chance of your content spreading. 

To do so, you must add a small sharing button at the end of your content. It is also preferable to add an icon of the logo of platforms so people can instantly share the content without any hassle. With most people constantly linked to social media throughout the day, it is not difficult for your content to find the necessary recognition. 

9. Speaking at Events

In the old times, the best marketing method was door-to-door advertising. Presently, a modern way of doing such advertisements is by speaking at different events. Also, presently, there are often multiple events going on within a town every other day. Hence, you can find yourself lucky to engage in different events and gatherings. Make the most of these events since you can interact with people and spread the word about your work. 

We often also underestimate the importance of an audience nearby. The best promotion your work can find is through the people that reside within your town. So your presence is also a continuation of their events, there is development of the bond that will allow your work to spread further. And you will find that your speaking at events is developing a community of your reading audience. This luxury of having access to speaking at local events will gain you the recognition of speaking on a bigger platform. And that will be the epitome of your physical and eye-to-eye marketing.

10. Writing e-Books

What you can write in a short blog or content can be converted into a guideline in an e-book. In the simplest of examples, consider you writing an article about a popular dish. Your e-Book will be a guideline or a stepwise guide regarding making and mastering the same dish. Hence, your e-book will serve as an additional tool to promote your short blogs. Blogs are not to be considered as a cover page but a doorway to another of your content.

To do so, you can simply link your blog to your e-book so people reading your blog can have an access button to read your e-book. Remember that elaborative content always reaches popular audiences and critics since these books have published authority. And your blogs can always help this cause. 


How can I attract more viewers to my blog?

  • Your best efforts in attracting more viewers to your blog include:
  • Writing high-quality content that is dedicated to respective audiences 
  • Optimizing your content based on popular keywords and then stuffing those keywords in your text appropriately 
  • Perfectly promoting your blog on platforms 

How can I promote my first blog ideally?

To promote your blog perfectly initially, you can follow some of the key steps below:

  • Sharing on social media
  • Writing for guest websites
  • Using online conversation forums to carefully advertise your work
  • Making use of email marketing to promote your content 

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