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The Common Mistakes People Make While Writing Their LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Profile

The importance of LinkedIn for a professional career is well known by everyone. Every ambitious individual aims to professionalize their profiles as best as they can yet aren’t able to succeed. At times like this it’s always better to hire a well reputed CV writing company that offers best services such as SpartanCV. They have hired highly qualified LinkedIn resume writers who guarantee a perfect resume that attracts more reviews and brings a positive impact on the reader.

What does LinkedIn do and why is it important?

LinkedIn basically promotes you, offers you free courses for areas that you are weak in and notifies you when there are any vacancies in your desired positions. Thousands of companies are registered on LinkedIn who approach candidates with the required job skills. Hence LinkedIn profile writing is very beneficial for ambitious individuals. You can also build a network of professional connections which is very beneficial for your career.

Do you also make these mistakes while designing your LinkedIn profile?

No profile photo

A profile picture is very important to maintain a professional image in front of your recruiters. A professional picture can help recruiters find you online. Ensure you’re your picture is:

  • Not blurry
  • Formal and professional
  • Not a group picture or of something written.

Making the profile all about you

Your LinkedIn profile is like your professional portfolio. Do not misuse it by adding extra irrelevant information and ruining the presentation. This profile is about your professional career not of you as a person. You can add your interests and hobbies but not your personal views and missions! Maintain a balance of professionalism in your profile.

Not having a catchy headline and summary

The biggest mistake ever!! Anyone visiting your profile will first see your headline and summary. Hence, it has to be the most interesting and meaningful part of your LinkedIn profile. Mention your designations and skills in the headline, and briefly mention your professional background in the summary. Avoid all irrelevant information.

Having little to no connections

LinkedIn is all about having connections. It’s how you get people to reach you and recognize you. Recognition is very important in the professional world, isn’t it? Don’t be shy to add people on LinkedIn. There is no room for shyness in the professional world. You need to be bold to conquer!

Posting extra professional information

Relevance! Only add information which is relevant and required by hiring managers. Extra information only messes with your LinkedIn format and shows loss of focus.

Having no endorsements

If you have any work experience ask your previous employers to endorse your skills. It shows recognition and portrays a good impression on the reader. More the endorsements higher the chances of impressing the recruiter.

Not proof reading your LinkedIn resume for grammatical errors and typos

As we say presentation is the key, bad English is the biggest turnoff for all recruiters and readers. Make sure you have gone through your profile numerous times to remove all errors. Ask other professionals to proofread it to minimize the mistakes.

LinkedIn activity levels

A critical aspect which affects overall learning and growth on LinkedIn. Little to no engagement on LinkedIn does not give a good impression. You should try your best to at least comment on articles and publish your own articles on LinkedIn. More the activity better the profile and hence higher chances of being recognized!

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