Are You Tracking the Backlinks to Your Sites?

The process of building backlinks to your web site or blog is not only time consuming, but it can be quite costly. It doesn’t matter if you are guest posting, leaving comments on blogs or even buying links… somewhere there is an understanding in place you performed some type of action, and in return you are due a link back to your site.

The focus of this blog posts isn’t to talk about whether buying text links is ethical, but instead to focus on three link building methods that are legitimate and then how you can keep an eye on these links after they are placed on web sites or removed in time. Unfortunately there are some web sites and owners out there who will sell or trade for backlinks, then a few months after they will remove these links. Not only does this hurt your link building strategy, but it will cost you time and money in the long run.

Below are three excellent methods to start building quality incoming backlinks to your site, which should result in long term link placements for years to come.

Guest Blogging

As Google continues to crack down on paid links and link building networks, guest blogging has been on the rise as of lately. Not only is guest blogging an excellent way to gain quality backlinks, but it’s also great for gaining exposure for yourself and your brand. If you focus on creating high quality guest posts, then you will find people will be more likely to click on your bio links and possibly become a reader of your own blog.

Blog Commenting

Even though blog commenting isn’t as powerful in terms of link juice as it used to be, commenting on high end blogs and leaving quality comments can still generate a nice amount of incoming links and traffic to your site. Everyone loves to see comments on their blogs, but not when they are spammy or trash.

Focus on leaving comments that add value and show interest and your links should remain intact for ever. Increase your chances for your comments to be approved by leaving comments through your Gravatar account and using a real photo of yourself for the avatar. Also try and stay away from using obvious anchor text as your “name”, as this is a clear giveaway that you are just commenting to get the link back.

Review Posts

Instead of buying text links and advertising to web sites, many times bloggers will be approached with contests, giveaways and free products and services to review in exchange for a blog post or link. This is an excellent way to gain exposure for your products and services, while also getting the opinions of others and getting the attention from their blog readers.

How to Track Your Links Over Time

If you’ve ever spent time building up quality guest blog content, commenting on various blogs or even buying links or looking to get products reviews, in the end you expect to have some nice quality backlinks to your site for many years to come. As mentioned earlier, for whatever reason some links just get lost, stolen or removed. One way to combat such thievery which is hard to monitor is through the use of SEO and link tracking tools.

In addition to the advanced reporting from software applications, you can also use Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to run some deep inbound linking reports. The important thing to remember is, the more reliable the web sites you build links on and the higher the quality of content, the more likely you are to have links that will last for years and continue to send link juice and traffic back to your site.

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