Why Your eCommerce Marketing Plan Needs BigCommerce SEO volusion seo

BigCommerce SEO

BigCommerce has made a name for itself in recent months and now stands out as one of the leading eCommerce platforms. If you want to blow your customers away with professional shopping features and have plenty of room to grow as a business, there’s no better place to start your eCommerce journey.

Have you stopped to think about your marketing strategy though? If you aren’t taking BigCommerce SEO into account, you may not get enough traffic or sales to remain competitive. In fact, these days it’s crucial that if you plan on operating any kind of business online, that you do your due diligence and invest in the right SEO services.

The Right Approach With Your eCommerce Marketing Strategy

You have to take your digital marketing efforts seriously. There’s no way you’re going to be able to compete for those coveted top spots in Google if you don’t make the right choices with your BigCommerce SEO. And as great of a platform it is, you might be surprised to find out that eCommerce platforms don’t actually give you any substantial SEO advantage.

More than ever, everything to do with search engine optimization is manual and must be performed on an individual basis. Whether it is creating a backlink, updating a product description to contain a certain keyword, performing competitor research, or improving your page speed for the benefit of the user, everything has to be done just so. There are no plugins you can install and expect your SEO to be done for you.

Sound kind of arduous? No doubt, but the returns you get with SEO are well worth it. In fact, optimizing your website for search engines is one of the best returns on investment you can make in the world of digital marketing. Even PPC doesn’t quite stack up to SEO over the long run, in terms of all of the benefits it can bring to your online store.

Think about it like this: if you sell a certain product, wouldn’t you want your brand name and your product description and your images to appear at the top of the Google search? No matter what business you are in or what you are selling, this is powerful. Even from the standpoint of psychology, when a user spots your name in the top spot, they are going think twice about their decision and your brand is going to stick with them even if they don’t select you outright.

This is the most lucrative and beneficial form of marketing you can invest in for your BigCommerce store. You may have heard of the benefits of SEO before and were somewhat skeptical, but without a doubt it is well-worth your investment if you get your SEO done by the right agency.

An Agency That Knows BigCommerce SEO

If you want to maximize your chances to appear on page one and help strengthen your digital marketing, you need to get on the line with Genius eCommerce®. Even if you weren’t intending to utilize an agency for your marketing, you may want to reconsider. Genius eCommerce® works closely with clients to get them more traffic and sales through SEO.

No matter what kind of eCommerce business you are running, you can benefit from an SEO plan executed by a competent and knowledgeable agency like Genius eCommerce®. Their team of skilled experts can help you improve your BigCommerce website, put together an actionable marketing plan, and will work with you over time to achieve powerful results. Call them today if you want an elite agency working on your marketing strategy.

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