What Are the Features of After-Sales Service Management Software?

After-Sales Service Management Software

After-sales management software is a crucial tool for businesses. The software provides various features to optimize after-sales service and the field workforce. Read on in this blog post to find out the key features to look into when investing in sales-team tracking software.

Business growth is not an overnight process. It flourishes step-by-step with the hard work of the management and their employees. Beyond this, customers play an important role in taking you to new heights. Therefore, it is important to satisfy customers above all. After-sales service tracking software is a solution through which you can automate after-sales and field force operations. Read this blog post to find out the key features of the software in detail.

What is After-Sales Service Management Software?

Sales team tracking software is an automation tool that helps businesses manage their field business operations. The software not only enhances workforce productivity but also promotes customer satisfaction. Many of the features offered by the software help with better organizational management. Furthermore, the software promotes overall business growth by enabling them to make data-driven decisions. Let’s dive into the features of the software in the upcoming section!

Key Features of After-Sales Service Management Software

Sales-tracker software is an ideal solution for businesses seeking streamlined field force operations. Here is a list of the features that the software has to offer:

  • Real-Time Monitoring Software

Monitoring the activities of the field forces can help businesses in numerous ways. It can be used to allocate tasks more efficiently and optimize resources better. After-sales service management software provides a real-time employee monitoring solution to empower businesses. With this innovative solution, companies can get insights into the location, project status, battery, and network statuses of their mobile workforce.

  • Distance Travelled Reports

After-sales management software ensures transparency in the distance travelled by their remote workforce. The managers can get precise insights into the miles and kilometers travelled by the employees. Henceforth, these accurate distance travelled reports can be used during performance appraisals and expense reimbursements for employees.

  • Order Management System

Each order for business is as precious as water. After-sales team tracking software helps you easily create and manage orders while on the go. Furthermore, the software enables you to create a custom product list for your field employees. A remote workforce will only be able to access a list of products that the employer decides on.

  • Task Management Software

It is undeniable that assigning and monitoring the tasks of remote employees is challenging. A sales tracker software provides task management software to help you manage field force projects efficiently. The software is not only used to assign tasks but also provides real-time insights into the work status of employees. Additionally, the auto-generated performance reports help managers make more informed decisions.

  • Geo-Verified Operations

Companies put faith in their remote workforce. However, sometimes employers feel surprised to see that their employees clock in their attendance but do not work efficiently. This is where after-sales service management software cushions you. It helps you optimize field sales operations with a geo-coding setup. Employers can enable geo-fencing, geo-tagged attendance, and geo-verified task delegation to ensure transparency in the overall field force workflows.

  • Communication Support

After-sales management software helps you streamline team communication. In other words, it provides communication tools such as voice messaging and text messaging options within the software. A remote employee can simply use these features to communicate with their manager and colleagues efficiently. You can also use the software to share documents and images easily.

How to Select the Best After-Sales Service Management Software?

Don’t we interview manual resources before hiring? Sure enough, we do! Likewise, it is critical to exercise caution when selecting the best sales team tracking software. Below are some factors that you must consider:

  • Cost

The first and most important factor is the cost of the sales tracker software. Make sure you select the software that perfectly aligns with your budget. Therefore, ensure that you create a financial blueprint in advance before choosing the software for your business.

  • Mobile Accessibility

Another important factor that you must consider is mobile accessibility. A mobile-friendly after-sales management software provides the flexibility to use it from anywhere at any time. Furthermore, ensure that the software offers a user-friendly dashboard that anyone can use with ease.

  • Training and Support

Without proper training and support, your field workforce might feel unwilling to use the sales team tracking software. Therefore, before investing, ensure that you check the training and material support offered by the software provider.

  • Data Compliance and Security

Your business information is similar to gold. Any loss or damage to that critical data can cost an arm and a leg for your business. Therefore, when choosing the best sales tracker software for your business, make sure that you check the security and data compliance terms of the software.


After-sales service management software is an important automation tool for businesses. It streamlines after-sales and field service operations for businesses. Some of the key features offered by the software include real-time monitoring software, distance-travelled reports, task management software, order management software, and more. If you are looking for the best software to empower your business, end your search with TrackoField. Book your demo now!

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