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7 Advantages of Using Custom Mobile App For Businesses

Just like custom web design, you can also get a custom designed app for your business. Did you know that custom mobile apps help your business in saving up to 7.5 hours for each employee every week? That could account for 30 hours per month for each employee. The time you save can be utilized for other activities and you can do much more in same amount of time. 82% of business owners agree that custom mobile application helped them earn more revenue. In this article, you will learn about many other benefits of custom mobile application that will force you to consider it as an option.

Designed With Scalability In Mind

Normal mobile apps have their limitations when it comes to handling multiple processes and resources because they are designed in such a way. In today’s dynamic business environment where business grows quickly, you need a mobile app that can grow with your business. That is where a mobile app development nyc company can help you. A custom mobile app designed with scalability in mind can save you from the hassle of throwing away your old mobile app and getting a new mobile app when your business grows.

Real Time Access

With more and more mobile applications taking advantage of cloud computing, you are no longer bound to your desk to access your data. Now, you can take your work wherever you go, thanks to a customized mobile application. You can have access to all your documents, tasks, calendars and processes even when you are out traveling from one place to another. This means that you can easily assign tasks, stay updated with notifications or monitor project progress on the go with a custom designed mobile app.

Increases Efficiency

Since a custom mobile app is designed for your business, it tends to understand each process and function of your business well. It gels in together without disturbing on-going processes. Such apps also favor your working style, which is why it enhances efficiency and boost your productivity while increasing the revenue. With few taps, you can easily achieve what you used to do in hours. All your business operations tends to work smoothly and this help you to achieve the results you want.

Tailor Made For Your Business

Probably the biggest advantage of custom designed mobile app is that you do not have to tweak your business process to fit in the software or app process just as you have to do if you buy a ready-made mobile app or software. Since the app is designed with your business needs in mind, it can automatically adjust to your business processes and you feel right at home using it. Everything seems to fit in so well that you consider custom mobile app as an important part of your business rather than anything you externally brought and implemented it on the system.

Integration with Third Party Tools

We all use many tools for completing different tasks, right. Traditional mobile apps have limited support for third party integration if any but custom mobile apps considers different business tools you are already using during the development and offers seamless integration with all these tools. What this means that you can easily synchronize all the third party tools you use with the custom mobile app and avoid making a mess. Streamline your work and processes by integrating all the tools in one place and manage your work easily.

Data Security

With exponential increase in number of attacks on enterprises, it seems that the cyber criminals and hackers have shifted focus from individuals to large-scale enterprises. Recent ransomware attacks are case in point. This makes security of your private even more important. A custom designed mobile app can help you in this regard too. It can compliment your data security system and make it easy for you to implement security measures across the board. These apps are designed with your business security needs in mind.


Last but certainly not the least is accountability. With every activity being tracked and record being maintained, you do not have to worry about conducting accountability. With safe storage, access control and privacy features, you can control who have access to those records. These record acts as a report card that clearly shows you your performance and also highlights areas where you need to improve. More importantly, it will help you reward employees who are performing well and hold underperforming employees accountable for their poor performance.


Boost your efficiency, save your time, third party integrations, data security and real time access are some of the advantages of using a custom designed mobile application. After reading this article, you might have realized that custom designed mobile applications are worth considering but before you do, make sure that it is the right fit for your business; otherwise, you cannot get these benefits. If you know about any other advantage of using a custom mobile app, then feel free to share it with us in comments section below.

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