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Exploring the Influence of Mobile App Development on Dubai’s Real Estate Sector

mobile app development in Dubai

From AI-backed to virtual reality home tours, technology has revolutionised in all possible ways. The development also applies to the real estate sector of Dubai, which has witnessed rapid digitization in the last some years. The influence of mobile app development in Dubai’s real estate sector has made buying properties here quite an easy task. According to a study, more than 75% of millennials in the UAE use mobile apps to hunt for properties, while 56% have purchased a property through a mobile app.

From the marketing front, virtual and augmented reality allow global potential buyers to view properties and neighbourhood areas setting foot on Emirati soil. The developers in Dubai are expanding their business by appointing an app development company for the creation of dynamic real-estate apps. These apps help improve the sales process, and offer a seamless and convenient funnel to increase their revenue in order to tap into the true potential of this industry.

Planning to invest in a mobile app for your real estate business? Donut worry, we will provide you information on mobile app development in Dubai.

Dubai’s Real Estate Industry: Development

  • Strong economic growth, less supply of new real estate in Dubai, customer- friendly policies, etc. have brought optimistic changes in Dubai’s real estate market.
  • Growing population of wealthy investors and expatriates is one of the main reasons for this has made luxury property expensive in Dubai.
  • Demand for properties that are still under construction will also grow as buyers invest in cheap properties.

This surge will also increase the demand for mobile app development in Dubai.

Real Estate App Development in UAE: Statistics

The real estate mobile apps in the UAE region have gained wider popularity. Recently, the UAE has established itself as a leader in the global economy and has become an important technological centre, attracting mobile app development companies in UAE. According to Statista, the revenue market for real estate app development in UAE is anticipated to touch 221.0 million mark by 2027.

With mobile app development in Dubai, the way companies deal with their potential customers and manage their operations have transformed a lot. Having a mobile app gives businesses a direct and customised link to their target audience as more people access the internet via mobile devices. With mobile apps by your side, businesses can provide accessibility, convenience, and quicker reaction times.

How Mobile App Development is Beneficial for Dubai’s Real Estate Sector?

Mobile app development in Dubai helps businesses in expanding and growing rapidly across various industries. There are a few key advantages that mobile app development brings to the Real-Estate industry. Let’s check out in detail how real estate businesses can leverage mobile app development for higher profits.

Advantages of Mobile App Development in Dubai

Beneath we have mentioned the top advantages of having a real estate app for your business in Dubai:

Broader visibility and wider reach – One of the perks of launching a real estate app is to enjoy a wider reach and presence. The apps let real estate businesses showcase their offerings to a world-wide audience, including potential buyers and people looking for rented properties who can easily access the features in the app. With app optimization, you can improve your search engine rankings and target more organic traffic to your site.

Lead Generation – Another major benefit of having a real estate app is lead generation. By providing detailed property listings, high-quality images, and virtual tours, targeting more qualified leads to your site and app becomes easy. More with real estate apps, one can send push notifications to users who are interested in properties at specific locations.

Convenience for Customers – Buyers looking for real estate property in Dubai can get property related information and access at their convenience. With mobile app development in Dubai, tentative buyers can search, view photos/videos, book viewings, and inquire about properties, all with just a few clicks.

Powerful Search and Discovery Tools – With a real estate mobile app, the buyers can find their dream homes with customized searches, augmented reality, smart maps with directions, and real-time notifications of suitable listings. They can also filter the search as per their requirements.

Improved Branding & Visibility – A user-friendly real estate app strengthens brand image as they allow engagement and let tentative buyers hunt for the properties anytime and anywhere. Push notifications always keep a brand’s presence fresh in users’ mind which improves overall branding and visibility.

Optimized Sales Process One of the major issues faced by real-estate developers in Dubai is complexity of their sales process. Calculating the EMI, loans, and payments is quite a challenging task for the real estate businesses. But with mobile app development in Dubai, real estate developers can automate a lot of tasks thereby enjoying peace of mind.

Competitive Edge – Finally, with a real estate app, businesses can get a competitive edge in the Dubai, UAE, market. With so many real estate businesses struggling to get noticed, a mobile app gives you the much required edge and the platform to emerge as the leader.

How Mobile App Development Companies Can Assist?

Teaming up with an expert mobile app development company in Dubai is profitable for real estate agencies in getting tailored apps as per their specific requirements. Appointing a leading mobile app development company in the UAE is the right decision for real estate app development in UAE. The comprehensive approach followed by the experts ensures that every aspect of the app is carefully planned, designed, utilising advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, AR/VR, data handling, and the cloud to provide immersive experiences to users.

So, it’s the need of the hour to make investment in high-quality apps which not only will position your brand for success in the competitive real estate market landscape but give higher ROI as well.

Hope the informative insights shared through this blog are informative and engaging.

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