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Why Partner with an Android App Development Company Instead of Freelancers?

Partner app development company with freelancers

When you begin your Android app development journey, the first and foremost important task is hiring Android app developers to build your app. Many people suggest hiring an Android app development company, while some advocate hiring freelancers. Both of these strategies have their advantages and disadvantages, but which one is better than the other? Partnering with an app development company comes with added advantages and benefits. 

Benefits of Partnering with an Android App Development Company

Skills and Specialization

Of course, creating an application requires skills and specialization in the technology, which a freelancer may miss. Even if he is good with the technology, there are many other steps involved in the app development process, such as designing, testing, maintenance, etc. In such cases, you will need to hire additional resources to execute these tasks, which is very troublesome. On the other hand, an app development company has all these resources under one roof, eliminating that extra burden from your head.

Team Collaboration

Even if you hire different freelancers for different tasks (design, Android/iOS, Quality Analysis), it’s very frustrating to bring all these people to the same table for communication and collaboration. By working with an Android app development company, you get a single point of contact, usually a project manager or a business manager that keeps you updated about everything, which is very simple and hassle-free.

Consistency and Reliability

The biggest trouble with working with freelancers is consistency and reliability. Some days they may work for longer than promised, while other days, they may not work at all due to some personal reasons. This may harm the quality and punctuality of the application. Since Android app development firms have multiple resources with the same technical skill, you get an easier replacement when one of the resources is not available.


What about the security of your code or non-disclosure of your app idea? Generally, most freelancers do not provide you with an NDA which may eventually put your code or app idea on the stack. On the other hand, you may ask a mobile app development company to provide you with an NDA that protects your assets. Also, since companies can afford high-end security tools which is not possible for freelancers, you can rest assured about the safety of your application.

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There’s a high chance that the freelancers won’t be using any tracking software because generally, they are very expensive. As such, transparency becomes a huge problem. You can never track the exact number of hours worked by them. Best mobile app development companies, on the other hand, have cutting-edge tracking tools that keep you on track with every minute of work. This way, you only pay for the amount of time they worked.


It’s a common misconception that freelancers are cheaper than companies. This might be true for small gigs, but not for something as big as developing a mobile application. As stated above, you need multiple resources to build an app and different freelancers may have different hourly rates. In most cases, working with an Android app development company proves to be more affordable because they charge almost the same for different freelancers, or generally work on a project basis instead of an hourly basis.


Since you get one point of contact while working with the Android app development company, communication is easier. You do not have to worry about individual resources; your project manager takes care of it. In the case of working with freelancers, communication becomes very difficult. Mostly, it’s not easy to find all resources from the same time zone, thus, when you have to discuss something, contacting everyone at the same time is a big trouble.


What if you begin with an Android application and later realize you need an iOS app too? Or what if you need some features that require additional expertise that your current resources do not possess? Would you consider screening a completely new resource and training him from scratch? Or would you ask your current team to add another resource and look after the training part? Of course, the second option is better, and you get it when you work with an app development company instead of freelancers. Scaling is way easier while working with a company.


Every application needs post-deployment support, be it in terms of design, coding, or quality analysis. Who would be responsible for this support if you worked with people living in different geographical areas responsible for executing different tasks? Tough to decide. In the case of working with an Android app development company, you get a dedicated support team that takes care of all these activities.

Project Management

Last, but certainly not least, is taking accountability for project management. You generally get a project manager while working with a company that is responsible for managing everything out of your project. In the case of working with freelancers, you need to hire a separate project manager, which adds to everything – the cost, effort, and responsibility.

Wrapping Up!

Hiring a freelancer can be a great choice if you have a small gig, like designing a logo or a web page, or just making some small tweaks. But when it comes to something as big as developing a mobile application from scratch, freelancers always need help managing.Also, hiring an Android app development company is easier. You just need to check in one place, evaluate one portfolio, and put responsibility on just one person. As far as cost is concerned, if you are a bit careful, you can easily find an app development company that provides great services without cutting your pocket. Hire an app development company now and start your app development journey with utmost peace.

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